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Exploit Monday – A few Interesting ones to be aware of

This weekly report is to discuss some of the more interesting vulnerabilities that have been found and to make sure that you patch appropriately. If there is not …

August 18, 2014 //

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JournalCTL Terminal Escape Injection

JournalCTL Terminal Escape Injection && Log Injection A fun blast from the past By Tyler Borland (TurboBorland) Preface of Release Well, here’s a random bug I found a …

August 13, 2014 //

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BlackHat Review: Pulling back the curtain on Airport Security: Can a weapon get past TSA?

When thinking about government security, the more I find out, the more I wish I did not know. This talk at BlackHat 2014 in Las Vegas, “Pulling back …

August 11, 2014 //

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clckwrk Case Study: Protecting Oracle Applications in Amazon Web Services

We recently spent some time with James Ball, business development director at clckwrk, Ltd., a UK-based IT consultancy and cloud-hosting company to learn about the company and the …

August 08, 2014 //

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Weekly Exploit Report – A few interesting ones to be aware of

Stephen Coty is at BlackHat this week, I am sure when he is back he will have some interesting finding to report so look out for his posts …

August 07, 2014 //

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