ActiveWatch for
Web Security Manager

It’s All in the Tuning

Traditional web application firewalls not only fail to provide security outcomes because of improper tuning, they can also affect your business by blocking legitimate traffic. The risk of an improperly tuned web application firewall can affect more than your site. It can compromise your entire business. Securing your site at the cost of legitimate traffic leads to a failed security model, and it’s definitely not the way to run a business.

“The effectiveness of WAFs is directly related to the quality of people and processes used to keep them current.”

—Securosis, Pragmatic WAF Management, Sept. 2012

Active Management, No Resources Required

Web Security Manager’s ActiveWatch services provide monitoring, tuning and incident response 24x7x365. The only good web application firewall is a properly managed one, and we do just that: aggressively manage your WAF solution, without impacting your business or your resources. We are not just removing the burden of WAF management. We are changing the way WAFs are managed.

Web Security Manager’s ActiveWatch provides:
  • Expert customized tuning and configuration
  • Incident response and escalation Proactive analysis and ongoing management
  • GIAC-certified security analysts and researchers
  • A 24×7 state-of-the-art Security Operations Center

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