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Written by leading industry professionals and the experts at Alert Logic, our white papers offer insight into improving security by assessing vulnerabilities and employing effective log and threat management. Learn about the best practices used in identifying internal and external threats, dealing with PCI compliance, and more.
PCI DSS Reporting

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Requirements 6, 10 and 11 can be costly and resource intensive to meet as they require proof that you have log management, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and web application protection in place. The purpose of this white paper is to illustrate key data and reports that are generated from Alert Logic’s security & compliance services and solutions that help you maintain and demonstrate PCI DSS compliance.
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Defense Throughout the Vulnerability Life Cycle

New security threats are emerging all the time and defending against these risks is an ongoing battle. In response, the array of security technologies available has also grown. While many are familiar with essential defenses, more sophisticated solutions are harder to evaluate. In this white paper you will learn how vulnerability assessment, network intrusion detection and log management work together to protect your IT assets and how you can use these different technologies to identify and prevent attacks as well as remediate successful attacks.
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Pragmatic WAF Management:Giving Web Apps a Fighting Chance

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) can significantly improve security, blocking dangerous web application attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgeries. However, managing a WAF to realize these benefits can be an overwhelming challenge. This white paper from Securosis lays out the requirements for effective WAF management, providing detailed information to help scope out the resources required for this critical task. (Cosponsored by Alert Logic.)
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Log Management Best Practices

To comply with today’s government and industry mandates, such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA, log data must be collected, reviewed, and archived. The challenges of effective log management in increasingly-complex and distributed environments are significant; this paper outlines best practices for a log management initiative and the benefits of automated log management solutions.
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Configuring Log Sources for Best Practice Reports

A well-defined log management process enables organizations to deal with the large volumes of computer-generated log messages generated each day. By collecting, aggregating, parsing and analyzing these messages, you can better understand what’s happening with systems in your IT environment and extract real value from the information for performance, security, compliance and other purposes.
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The Inevitability of Security-as-a-Service

The move to the cloud is a transformation in IT delivery, and it has important implications for security. The same requirements that have driven the growth of service-based IT delivery are driving service-based security. Virtualization, elastically-scalable infrastructure, big data, and other factors are discussed in this overview of the movement toward Security-as-a-Service.
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Buyer’s Guide to Log Management: Comparing On-Premise and On-Demand Solutions

Examines and compares two solutions to log management — traditional on-premise log management handled by the in-house infrastructure team, and a cloud-based log management solution, which moves the infrastructure footprint for log management to a physically and organizationally separate company.
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How to Improve Network Security without Extra Staff or Busting Your Budget

The responsibilities of network administrators and security managers at today’s mid-size companies can seem like a no-win situation. They are accountable for securing their organization’s network technologies with limited budgets and even more limited staff resources. This white paper explores how a cloud-powered threat management solution can ease the burden on administrators’ time, money and resources.
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Increasing Profit Margins with Network Security Services

Alert Logic’s Network Protection On-Demand solution helps service providers increase profit margins with highly differentiated network security services and no upfront investment or dedicated security staff.
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