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We Stand Between You and Breaches

Security-as-a-Service solutions mean better security, because our managed solution can adapt to your environment, and provides actionable insight into your system behavior. We don’t just watch your activity, we help you respond to it in a way that continually strengthens your systems against breaches. Better outcomes, better management, better security for your system.

Our Security-as-a-Service suite protects enterprise data center, hosted, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments. With multi-tenancy, zero-hardware deployment options, auto-scaling support and integration with cloud service providers, we secure infrastructure wherever you keep it. We can follow you everywhere.

Get What You Pay For, Pay As You Go

As exciting as our solutions are, we like to keep them free of billing surprises. As-a-service isn’t just a solution that provides constant adjustable support; it also removes the need for upfront capital investments. Our solutions are provided for a fixed monthly fee, so you’ll never be surprised when it comes to billing.

We Deliver:
  • Infrastructure protection tools that address intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, log management and web application security
  • Security intelligence platform that extracts meaningful information out of billions of security events
  • 24×7 monitoring and response by certified analysts
  • Embedded security intelligence delivered as synchronized security content across all levels of our solutions

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