Proactive Intrusion Detection System for Security Threats

The ability to anticipate and fend off security breaches is invaluable to any enterprise. Alert Logic detects intrusions and intrusion attempts with patented software solutions designed to monitor your network and identify potential threats to your data.

Alert Logic Threat Manager and ActiveWatch collect network traffic data and analyze suspicious patterns that appear. If these events merit taking action to protect your data, our security analysts are alerted immediately, and further investigate the threat and remediate it quickly. And because our solutions correlate these events, they get smarter and “learn” to recognize these threats as they emerge. Beyond our software, our security research team operates 24×7 to receive and analyze information in real time.

Intrusion detection from Alert Logic includes:
  • Advanced network traffic and payload visibility
  • Signature and behavior-based correlation
  • Patented 7-Factor Threat Scenario Modeling

    Our cloud-based platform allows us unprecedented visibility and speed, so we can act quickly to keep your data safe, wherever it lives.

    IDS Security

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