Log management is an infrastructure management best practice, supporting performance management, security incident response, and compliance requirements. However, log management is becoming more complex all the time:

  • Log sources are more numerous and more varied.
  • Infrastructure is moving from traditional hosted and on-premise deployments into the cloud, requiring new deployment models for virtual and elastic cloud environments.
  • Compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley have added new log management deliverables.

Meanwhile, strategic projects compete for limited IT resources. How will your organization meet these challenges?

Simple & affordable

Alert Logic’s Security-as-a-Service approach to log management solves these challenges by making log management simple to implement, easy to afford, and almost effortless to manage.

Log management from Alert Logic includes:

  • Deploy-anywhere log management for the cloud, enterprise data center, and hosted environments
  • The most intuitive and flexible web interface for analysis, reporting, and management
  • Correlation and alerting to help you turn log data into action
  • Remediation and resolution documentation
  • Daily reports and analyses of log activity are available on demand, and Alert Logic analysts are standing by at all times to help resolve security threats and incidents.