Forrester published its “Vendor Landscape: Cloud Workload Security Solutions, Q3 2017” report recently, and Alert Logic was among the vendors included. Alert Logic was cited as having 11 of the 22 solution capabilities listed in the Forrester report, with only two participating vendors cited with more.

Forrester Vendor Landscape Report Overview

If you aren’t familiar with the Forrester CWS Vendor Landscape, here is a brief explanation in the words of report author Andras Csar and his team at Forrester: “Cloud workload security (CWS) solutions provide automated and layered controls to secure configurations, network, applications, and storage of hybrid cloud hypervisors and workloads.” In a nutshell, CWS solutions address the tough challenges that cloud security teams run into when trying to secure cloud workloads. Forrester understands that securing the cloud is not the same as securing traditional IT environments.

In fact, the report states clearly that cloud workloads cannot be secured with manual tools or traditional technologies and that new CWS functionality should offer ways to secure those workloads while keeping up with the speed, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud. One quote from the report says, “Unlike traditional on-premises security solutions, vendors developed CWS solutions specifically to handle the scale, speed, and ephemeral nature of cloud workloads.” The report states that new CWS functionality offers better breach detection, granular control, and more cloud integration.

Adopting Public Cloud

The Forrester report also states that firms have adopted cloud in earnest. According to Forrester, 52 percent of North American enterprise infrastructure decision makers believe that adopting public cloud is either a high or critical future business priority. Because of that upward curve, Forrester understands the importance of full-stack cloud security delivered via cloud-native technologies.

Shared Responsibility Model

It’s also important to stress that cloud security is a shared responsibility. The cloud service provider manages security of the physical infrastructure on the cloud side and is typically responsible for updating and protecting the technology and infrastructure it is providing, but you are still responsible for security when it comes to the servers, applications and data you host in the cloud, as well as your local devices and infrastructure you use to connect to the cloud environment.

You can access the Forrester Vendor Landscape report here to see the capabilities that Alert Logic met in the CWS vendor landscape and to see how Alert Logic can help you secure your cloud workloads.

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