When the end goals of security and compliance are coupled with technology that focuses on finding cures for diseases, scientific discovery takes on a compelling twist. We recently published a success story about GenomeNext, a bioinformatics company dedicated to accelerating the promise and capability of precision medicine and scientific discovery. Their solutions provide the market with genomic data and analysis at an unprecedented combination of quality, cost, and scale without requiring the investment in high-performance computing resources and specialized personnel.

Leading this innovation is Chief Executive Officer, James Hirmas. Hirmas hopes that by merging cloud computing advancements and genomic algorithms with an expert team of software developers, cloud computing engineers, and bioinformatics researchers, GenomeNext will propel genomics into an era of unparalleled discovery and innovation.

“We want our time and money spent on research, discovery, and scientific advancement, not on building IT infrastructures and equipment. Alert Logic makes it possible for us to concentrate on our core business with the peace of mind that our genomic data is secure.”

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