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The Alert Logic SOC, at the Heart of your Security

The human aspect of a Security Operations Center (SOC) function is highly important, but often overlooked. The SOC team is a critical layer in a security operations ecosystem that complements the technology you have in place to secure your environment. The SOC is your agile source of intelligence when an incident arises to pivotal questions, such as ‘is this a real threat, what does this mean and how do I respond to it?’ What do you know about the folks working diligently behind the scenes to protect your organization’s most treasured assets? If you haven’t taken time to get to know the Alert Logic SOC team, let me offer a proper introduction. The Alert Logic SOC is made up of certified security analysts, who at minimum are GIAC certified but also hold certifications in CISSP, CCNA, CCSP, CCSE, CCSA, and MCSE. They are coders with deep expertise in all aspects of Information Security, data scientists and Netwars winners who have published vulnerabilities for Facebook, Amazon and others. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the protection of your ecosystem 24×7, 365 days a year. Customers benefit by working with our SOC as an extension to their existing security program or infrastructure to relieve security and compliance burdens. The SOC acts as your dedicated set of eyes, proactively working with you to understand your environment, while monitoring suspicious security events and behaviors within your network. When an incident is identified members of the SOC have the unique advantage of leveraging their own threat research, as well as insight gained from global threat visibility across our customer base of thousands so that they can quickly assess the threat and provide advice on containment or remediation. Because the SOC has such deep visibility into your network, it’s not unusual for the SOC to uncover nuisances in your infrastructure, such as authentication issues that could be culprits leading to real business issues. At the other end of their experience spectrum, they have the specialized knowledge to identify threats that no signatures have been written for. Members of the Alert Logic SOC study attackers, know how they think and know how to stop them. Beyond the tangible value that the SOC team offers you, it’s their passion and true love for security that our analysts come to work with daily that fuels their success. Finding new ways to combat cyber-security is more than a job – it’s their calling, even when the work day ends. You can learn more about the heroes who are defending your infrastructure in future blogs, so stay tuned.

Stephen Coty
About the Author
Stephen Coty

Stephen Coty originally joined Alert Logic as the head of the Threat Research team, where he led the effort to build threat content and deliver threat intelligence. He later became the Chief Security Evangelist for the company. Prior to joining Alert Logic, Coty was the Manager of Cyber Security for Rackspace Hosting, and has held IT positions at multiple companies, including Wells Fargo Bank, Applied Materials, Stanford Medical Center and The Netigy Corporation. He has been in the Information Technology field since 1993. Research has been his primary focus since 2007.

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