It’s increasingly challenging to keep up with the pace of cybersecurity without the use of things like machine learning and artificial intelligence. There’s a lot to monitor and protect—networks, applications, data, containers, endpoints, mobile devices, and more—and organizations face an overwhelming volume of threats organizations. Automating monitoring and detection efforts is essential for today’s technology and threat landscape—but the human factor also plays a crucial role.

Platform. Intelligence. Experts.

Effective cybersecurity takes a combination of a solid platform, leading threat intelligence, and human expertise. Each of those elements—platform, intelligence, and experts—are like the leg of a stool and if you’re missing any one of them the stool—or in this case your cybersecurity—is no longer functional.

Monitoring workloads and traffic across a hybrid or multi-cloud environment and being able to scale to keep pace with a constantly changing volume of assets is virtually impossible with human experts and manual processes alone. The volume of traffic, data, and potential threats is so massive, identifying malicious activity is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.

Artificial intelligence—or more precisely machine learning—is perfectly suited for analyzing massive amounts of information and scaling on demand to keep pace with the changing environment, but it is still imperfect and there can be false positives. Automation can help you narrow down the stack of needles to find the 10 or 15 needles that might actually be malicious activity you should worry about—but it still takes human expertise to determine which are credible threats and which can be ignored.

The Value of the Human Factor

Human experts play a vital role in effective cybersecurity, but that doesn’t mean that every organization needs to build out an internal team of cybersecurity experts. It’s an expensive proposition to hire, train, and retain the cybersecurity talent necessary and that’s assuming you can find them at all. Cybersecurity right now has effectively zero unemployment and a projected shortfall of 350,000 open positions.

The good news is that there’s a better way. Alert Logic provides the platform, intelligence, and experts for customers—delivering the right coverage for the right resources. The experts in our security operations center (SOC) monitor for malicious activity 24/7 to separate the needles you need to care about from the rest of the stack of needles. Alert Logic cybersecurity experts watch over customers, so they have the freedom to focus on what’s important for them—developing innovative solutions and growing their businesses.

Zach Vinduska, Vice President, Infrastructure, Security & Compliance for ClubCorp—an Alert Logic customer—explained, “For us, the value of Alert Logic is the human factor. Being able to correlate a lot of the data that we get from them and to give us a secure environment. Since Alert Logic is forward on both cloud and on-prem security, it means that we can treat those environments almost the same way and we do not need a prescribed different process for each.”

Visit Alert Logic at AWS re:Inforce 2019

Alert Logic is a sponsor of AWS re:Inforce and we will be there in Boston, June 25-26.  Visit Alert Logic at Booth #531 to learn more about AWS security and how Alert Logic SIEMless Threat Management can help you address the challenges of AWS security effectively.

We also invite you to come hear more from Zach Vinduska about how ClubCorp has achieved positive security outcomes by combining human expertise and the latest in AWS security. We will be presenting the “Accelerated Threat Detection: Alert Logic & AWS” customer sessions in the Partner Theater on Tuesday, June 25 at 1:30pm or Wednesday, June 26 at 1:15pm.

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