We want our time and money spent on research, discovery and scientific advancement, not on building IT infrastructures and equipment. Alert Logic makes it possible for us to concentrate on our core business with the peace of mind that genomic data is secure and we are exceeding expectations related to government and regulatory compliance at the same time.

James Hirmas, GenomeNext Co-Founder and CEO

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Protecting Patient Genomic Data
Native Security for Amazon Web Services

GenomeNext is a genomic informatics company dedicated to accelerating the promise and capability of predictive medicine and scientific discovery.  The company commercializes genomic analysis tools and integrated systems for the evaluation of genetic variation and function.

Next generation gene sequencing analysis has the promise to allow us to tailor care for patients with a broad range of conditions: congenital heart disease, muscular dystrophies, autism spectrum disorders, cancer and many more,” said James Hirmas, GenomeNext Co-Founder and CEO.

The Challenge

GenomeNext feeds raw genome sequencing data into their novel, high-speed, computational algorithm and delivers comprehensive genomic insights into genetic variation and disease to healthcare and scientific organizations. Sequencing labs are experiencing exponential growth in data generation. This growth creates a computational bottleneck requiring “big data” analytics and streamlined genomic workflow solutions. GenomeNext must ensure they have the computing power required to refine the process of gene sequencing and analysis to enable more accurate and faster diagnoses, better treatment and new discoveries. As a customer of Amazon Web Services (AWS), they can do just that. 

On top of their AWS environment, GenomeNext wanted a cloud-based security solution with no physical hardware or software to manage and a flexible op-ex based licensing model. The company has a forward-looking approach as they grow and work with many healthcare organizations globally, which will require client-facing web applications and user interfaces that ensure compliance with government and regulatory requirements.

We’re dealing with massive amounts of data which represent human blueprints, so we need the most reliable and trusted security, and that’s where Alert Logic comes in.

James Hirmas, GenomeNext Co-Founder and CEO

Why Alert Logic?

As a Cloud architect himself, Hirmas selected Alert Logic as his security solution because of the Alert Logic native Amazon Web Services support.

  • Seamless integration with AWS. It was important to GenomeNext to work with a security partner whose solutions worked natively in AWS.
  • Focus on managed security. Given the highly sensitive nature of the genomic data GenomeNext handles, it is essential their cloud security solution met key compliance requirements, including:
    • Ongoing log management to track and monitor behavior.
    • Intrusion detection to meet compliance requirements and provide ongoing insight into threats and vulnerabilities.
    • Scalable web application firewall (WAF) coverage. GenomeNext knew they would need comprehensive WAF coverage for all their public facing web applications as well as their intranet deployment.

Finally, even though GenomeNext was working in a public cloud environment, Hirmas knew they would still need support. Although their team is made up of extremely knowledgeable and talented engineers, developers, and scientific researchers, they are not security experts. Choosing Alert Logic freed the team from having to manage security on a day-to-day basis, while giving them confidence that their environment was being monitored around-the-clock 24x7.

The Results

With Alert Logic managing the security of his environment, Hirmas can focus on building out his research team and leave the time-consuming task of 24x7 security monitoring to Alert Logic. This benefit translates directly to their clients. GenomeNext can process their data faster with more researchers. “Alert Logic focuses on our IT security so we don’t have to. We know what we need for our business to thrive and we are confident Alert Logic can deliver what we need when we need it to safeguard our infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities,” says Hirmas