From a security standpoint, Alert Logic has given us peace of mind. I think we can feel a lot safer by implementing these services.

Vineet Gulati, CEO at HealthExpense

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Simplifying Healthcare Payments
Exceeding HIPAA Security Standards

Over the last two decades, a shift in the healthcare industry has moved much of the burden of managing and paying for health care from the employer to the individual employee. For any given individual, their health care payment information can lie in any number of insurance and bank accounts. Traditionally, the complicated responsibility of tracking this multitude of services and payments has lain with the individual as well. HealthExpense seeks to revolutionize health care payments by creating a simple platform that subscribers can trust to fully integrate their medical and financial obligations across a variety of carriers, as well as keep their personal data secure.

The Challenge

By facilitating the connection between a customer’s bank and health care providers, HealthExpense is responsible for handling highly sensitive financial and health information for millions of its members. HealthExpense CEO Vineet Gulati’s team is accountable for maintaining the availability of hundreds of these providers, all while meeting high security standards and HIPAA compliance requirements. Due to continued growth since its founding five years ago, it was also clear that Gulati needed to implement a flexible solution that could efficiently scale alongside the flux in traffic and make certain that information stays private to the individual, never jumping from carrier to carrier within a subscriber’s account.

Every one of us who has medical events or has families and has need for medical services deals with that pain in terms of understanding their obligation, understanding where they can better use their benefits, simply managing the transgression of payments is a real pain point for any one of us who has this high deductible obligation.

Vineet Gulati, CEO of HealthExpense

Why Alert Logic?

The migration from an in-house security team to Alert Logic began with Gulati searching for external security solutions that could detect network threats and intrusions through an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), perform vulnerability scans, manage log data continuously, and provide quick, actionable reporting to meet these strict compliance requirements. Since HealthExpense has 100% of their environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), picking a provider that supported AWS was mandatory. With a need to maintain a high standard of compliance, AWS compatibility, and scalable flexibility, all signs pointed to Alert Logic.

Alert Logic managed security solutions combine advanced technology and security expertise to deliver the security features and actionable intelligence that organizations need to remediate active threats that are affecting their environments. For HealthExpense, this meant protecting their clients’s health information around the clock while maintaining the HIPAA compliance. Almost immediately after implementation, Gulati and his Technical Operations Manager received a call from Alert Logic, notifying HealthExpense of brute force attacks. The Alert Logic SOC analyst specifically assigned to HealthExpense was able to advise Gulati on the threat and ensure that HealthExpense had the support and recommendations they needed to react quickly and effectively to the incident.

The Results

HealthExpense can now reassure insurance providers, financial institutions, and subscribers alike that their personal data is getting continuously monitored 24x7. With the ability to immediately react and provide recommendations, Alert Logic has greatly enhanced the former security practices of HealthExpense’s in-house team and made the process more efficient, shortening security checks from approximately 1 day per week to just minutes.