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We saved thousands of dollars and many hours every week by choosing this cost-effective technology with experts included. Alert logic ensures that our cloud security extends being the reactive to a truly proactive stance – allowing us to continue successfully growing the Hillarys brand.

Julian Bond, Head of ICT

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Securely Transitioning to AWS
Opening the Blinds to Possibilities

Hillarys is the largest made-to-measure window dressings manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Over its 45-year history, Hillarys has grown to three manufacturing centers that support three business channels: a consumer channel, a B2B channel of local providers, and an e-commerce channel called Web-Blinds. Hillarys manufactures 35,000 custom products a week from blinds and curtains to carpets and awnings, employing approximately 1,100 employees and partners with over 1,000 independent consulting advisors. 

The Challenge

Hillarys began its move to the cloud in 2015 and chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their cloud platform. This push to AWS was fueled by the drive to improve the performance and stability of their existing environment.

As the online growth at Hillarys accelerated, web traffic increased significantly, and the need to improve the organization’s security posture rose with it. Hillarys needed a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that would provide state-of-the-art cyber threat detection that included visibility into its AWS infrastructure. Hillarys’ board members needed to be reassured that their business would be protected in the cloud. 

For Julian Bond, Head of ICT (Information, Communications & Technology) for Hillarys, and his team, the challenge was two-fold:

  1. to increase the level of security for the company’s revenue-generating (business-critical) web technologies,  
  2. continuously maintain a high security level to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. 

Why Alert Logic?

After considering multiple options, Hillarys chose Alert Logic Professional for their AWS cloud security, that would not only protect their web applications, but also scale to meet their growing inventory requirements and expanding partner network. With Alert Logic’s fully managed solution in place, Hillarys can leverage their back-end analytics and security expertise to assess, and detect threats across the entire application stack on AWS.

The Results

Since making the transition to Alert Logic, Hillarys’ IT team has switched gears from a reactive security posture to a more proactive approach. Alert Logic’s cybersecurity experts provide Hillarys with 24/7 continuous security monitoring of their environment and real-time threat detection. The IT team now spends a mere 5% of their time reacting to only high-priority incidents thanks to the noise reduction.

With improved visibility into their AWS environment, the Hillarys team has quantifiable data to pinpoint vulnerabilities and remediate threats faster. Alert Logic provides security intelligence all while saving Hillarys time, money, and internal resources. The team can now focus on growing their core business while ensuring the board of their improved security posture.