New Voice Media

We've engaged very well with Alert Logic, they've been very reactive to our needs.

Alan Duckworth, Information Security Officer

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NewVoiceMedia Benefits from Security-as-a-Service
Securing Business-Critical Applications on AWS

NewVoiceMedia, a Software-as-a-Service company headquartered in Basingstoke, England, provides hosted contact centre solutions to help organisations all over the world build more personal relationships. Their main cloud contact centre solution, ContactWorld, integrates all communication channels and plugs directly into customer’s CRM systems, ensuring greater flexibility, simpler management, and better visibility into the entire engagement.

The Challenge

NewVoiceMedia hosts their business-critical applications on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and within an additional datacenter in the UK. In order to maintain their scalability and efficiency, the team plans on migrating all of their business over to AWS within the next 18 months.

As the company grew, NewVoiceMedia faced three main security challenges:

  1. Lack of visibility at the network layer. NewVoiceMedia lacked capability to monitor and control the network traffic.
  2. Managing security groups and permission elements. The team had no visibility of where the permission elements were applied and was unable to trace down the gaps within security groups and open ports.
  3. Contextualizing log data. They needed help disseminating the vast amount of log data and turning it into useful insights.

The business values we get from using Alert Logic is it allows the freedom for the rest of our security team and our business to concentrate on the actual core function of creating the in-house contact center code.

Alan Duckworth, Information Security Officer

Why Alert Logic?

Alan Duckworth, Information Security Officer at NewVoiceMedia, was initially drawn to Alert Logic as it was the only security provider in the AWS space that could equip them with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). When NewVoiceMedia started working with Alert Logic, they also decided to adopt the log management and vulnerability management solutions, in order to gain a single-pane of glass visibility across their entire environment.

The Results

Since beginning of the partnership with Alert Logic, things have been going very well at NewVoiceMedia. Duckworth highlighted that because of Alert Logic’s 24x7 monitoring, NewVoiceMedia can now focus on their core function of creating their in-house contact center code. “We’ve engaged very well with Alert Logic, they’ve been reactive to our needs”, he noted. Duckworth advises companies going through similar security challenges to consider engaging with an existing third-party security team. This approach has not only reduced the timeline to deploy applications but has saved time his team would’ve spent recruiting security specialists needed to provide the same protection in-house.