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Our overall goal is to employ both Alert Logic security solutions as the watchdog that sits atop an already-secure network. Placing the responsibility for log management offsite allows our in-house resources to take a successful first step toward reaching that goal.

Joey Rappaport, Director of IT

Formed in 2006, Quantum Resources Management (QRM) is a private oil and gas production company that acquires mature domestic on-shore oil and gas properties and enhances their value through optimizing costs, pursuing operational enhancements, and executing low-risk developmental drilling.

The Challenge

QRM started building its IT team in 2011 by hiring Joey Rappaport as the Director of IT. The new IT team—which includes Rappaport and his Sr. System Administrator, Chad Kitzmann—saw an immediate need to put significant controls in place, including data logging and monitoring. Even without any compliance regulations to meet, Rappaport and Kitzmann saw employee habits as a potential threat to internal systems, and addressing the problem would require additional resources to put proper monitoring in place. The size of Quantum’s IT team, however, would not support the time requirements of an effective log management program.

Why Alert Logic?

After researching the various options, QRM determined that Alert Logic’s solutions would be effective tools for log collection, review, and archival of critical log data without draining his modest IT team of valuable time and resources. specifically, QRM chose Alert Logic’s Log Manager with LogReview to fill a need beyond regulation gaps.

Alert Logic’s Log Manager was capable of performing the tasks that we were unable to do in-house, we knew immediately that this solution would work for us.

Joey Rappaport, Director of IT

With Alert Logic, the team was able to gain insight into the security of the company’s network. “We find Log Manager to be extremely helpful toward our purposes. Log data is managed for me, and I am notified immediately of all possible threats, allowing me to make quick evaluations,” said Kitzmann.

The Results

Since its initial adoption, QRM has seen the value that Log Manager and LogReview deliver to the organization, both in terms of monitoring and intelligence. The enormous volume of log data produced by the varied systems and applications at QRM contain vital information about potential threats such as excessive failed login attempts, privilege escalation, and changes in usage patterns that can indicate an attack or breach.

QRM’s satisfaction with Alert Logic and Log Manager has the IT team planning to implement Threat Manager, Alert Logic’s managed intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment solution, as well. The team has spent six months completely revamping their infrastructure, and is looking to build upon that work to further protect company data.

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