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Alert Logic with a bunch of their firewall capabilities and intrusion detection have been just an amazing partner.

Colin Bodell CTO and EVP

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Securing the Story with Web Application Security

Time Inc. is a media company serving millions of customers across the globe. The company is home to over 100 iconic brands including People, Sports Illustrated, Time, and Fortune. Time Inc. hosts 600+ events each year and currently has a social footprint of 200+ million through social media. As one of the world’s most influential media companies, their business is driven by the success of their partner ecosystem to produce countless engaging stories and one-of-a-kind experiences.

The Challenge

In order to handle their staggering customer volume on a daily basis as well their global publishing capabilities, TIME Inc. runs its environment on Amazon Web Services. The secure and reliable foundational services AWS provides allows company to report breaking news globally as it unfolds. But as security is a shared responsibility on the cloud, TIME Inc. is solely responsible for the applications and data they deploy within their AWS environment.

When you're building an application, you've got to own that security yourself. Amazon does not know what you're building, and you can build it in any wacky weird way you like, but you have to own that security.

Colin Bodell CTO and EVP

Why Alert Logic?

With the partnership network as one of their biggest business drivers, TIME Inc. needs to leverage their partner’s expertise to sharpen continue to focus on their strategic goals. Bodell explained that in comparison to other business success drivers, “the partner ecosystem is as incredibly important.” As TIME Inc. worked with AWS to leverage their expertise on cloud computing, the company discovered Alert Logic to secure their applications through their managed security solutions. TIME Inc. specifically chose to partner with Alert Logic to solve their need for a robust intrusion detection system, to gain security experts to help manage their logs, and to fully secure their entire application portfolio.

The Results

Bodell described Alert Logic as being an “amazing partner” because of their intrusion detection and firewall capabilities they’ve added to the business. Using AWS and third party vendors like Alert Logic allows Time Inc. to focus more on their core competencies.