Cybersecurity in Retail: A Necessity

The retail industry faces a challenging cyberthreat environment. Retailers store more consumer data than ever before across an increasing range of digital platforms, providing cybercriminals with more valuable data to target and more doorways to access it. As retailers invest in new technologies to collect and manage customer data, there is a corresponding rise in the need to navigate the regulatory issues unique to these technologies and to maintain effective system controls to ensure the security of the collected data.

As hacker techniques are becoming more widespread and sophisticated, it is important to have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place. The impact of these data breaches can be catastrophic, especially in retail, where brand reputation and loyalty are the keys to success. For retailers, more detection capability is necessary. They need access to more diverse, detection-based security controls to give them broader visibility of malicious activity in their network.

In this live webinar, Dan Pitman at Alert Logic will analyze the current UK Retail cyberthreat landscape and the new approach to threat management that gives you the right level of coverage for the right resources to help you overcome the challenges of retail cybersecurity.

  • Trends in UK cybercrime targeting the retail and ecommerce sector
  • Understand what cyberattackers are really after, why, and how they’re getting what they want
  • Realities for scaling threat detection & response across on-premises to cloud environments

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