Fortra XDR

Extending managed security coverage to every layer of your environment – endpoint, network, and cloud
– to quickly detect and respond to threats.

Fortra XDR is an expansive approach to providing visibility across the full IT estate. Our managed XDR solution expertly combines technology and 24/7 security expertise to quickly bolster an organization’s security posture.

For more than 20 years, Alert Logic has continuously innovated our managed security solutions, delivering unrivaled security for any environment. With the introduction of Fortra XDR, organizations can achieve extensive visibility to all potential points of compromise – endpoint, network, and cloud – and reach their desired security outcomes.

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Why Fortra XDR?

Not all XDR solutions are created equal. While many provide a tools-only approach, Fortra XDR delivers a fully managed service for organizations who may lack the resources and expertise or who are struggling to achieve their desired security outcomes with their existing security stack.

Whether you’re a midsized organization looking to gain efficiency and scalability or an enterprise looking to augment lean security teams, Fortra XDR provides the technology, security experts, and threat intelligence so you can confidently realize your security strategy.

Fully managed security

Your environment is monitored 24/7, with critical and high incidents addressed by our security operations center within 15 minutes.

Complete Visibility

Visibility extends across the entire IT estate including endpoints, networks, and cloud, as well as third-party vendors and sources.

Holistic security coverage

Comprehensive coverage of the entire attack surface across all layers of your environment – from network to cloud workloads to end user devices.

Unified console

A single console provides a holistic view of your IT environment, enabling the prioritization of threats and vulnerabilities in endpoints, networks, and cloud applications.

Advanced threat analysis

Seemingly disparate data is identified, analyzed, and correlated to offer meaningful and contextual insights into potential threats.

Proven lightweight endpoint agent

Fortra XDR utilizes a lightweight Fortra agent uniquely designed to target endpoint telemetry.

Automated response

Gain efficiency via automation for common use cases such as host isolation.

Seamless integration

Integrate your existing third-party EDR, network, and identity solutions with Fortra XDR to have access to correlated data that will be analyzed by our security operations center (SOC) and actionable guidance provided to you.


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Taking a Managed Approach to XDR

While there is no prevailing and accepted definition for XDR, the most common approach is tools-based. In today’s dynamic threat landscape, the reality is a combination of expertly executed tools and a skilled security team is crucial. With our managed approach, Fortra XDR ensures the security outcomes you demand and the security posture you deserve.

Our years of providing comprehensive managed security solutions has shown us that technology + people + processes is what delivers unrivaled security for our customers. With Fortra XDR, you’ll have:

  • The opportunity to work with a designated Fortra security analyst as an extension of your IT and security team.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting including threat risk index, vulnerabilities, and security posture providing prioritized views of risk so you can focus on the greatest risk as well as enables you to prioritize security improvements and responses.
  • The Fortra Threat Brain analysis of thousands of data points, utilizing deep analytics and machine learning to identify unknown threats, and provide proactive guidance to remediate and reduce dwell time.
  • The ability to coordinate response across multiple security tools and sources including endpoint, network and cloud sources.
  • A balance between automation and human-guided response by leveraging playbooks and workflows for common use cases to quickly remediate threats.
  • Threat hunting team investigating IoCs, leveraging telemetry data sets to identify vulnerabilities and alert before real damage occurs.

Achieve Important Security Outcomes with Fortra XDR

With Fortra XDR, you receive proactive guidance, enabling you to swiftly remediate and ultimately minimize the potential impact of attacks, thereby reducing dwell time.



  • Expert team of 120+ security subject matter experts providing actionable insights.
  • Leverage automated workflows and responses to streamline repetitive security response actions.
  • Robust analytics and correlation of large volumes of data for intelligent insights.
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  • 15-minute SLA for high and critical incidents from Alert Logic SOC ensures you can focus on what poses the greatest threats.
  • Our integrated approach to automation provides the flexibility to take response actions such as host isolation.


  • Reduce mean time to detection by extending visibility, coverage, and detection across the entire IT stack/telemetry points.
  • Includes a robust set of threat intelligence and data sources for richer context.

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