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Are you effectively securing and managing
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Web applications are dynamic and threats are evolving with increasing speed. API use has exploded, creating a new attack surface that needs to be protected. You’ve likely moved to AWS to optimize and improve your app experience, but have you optimized your application security strategy too?

To keep web applications and APIs protected, organizations must frequently fine tune policies to evolve with both the threat landscape and internal app developments. If your organization lacks the resources or expertise to consistently fine tune those policies, it could result in false positives, hindering your operational efficiency, or worse, contribute to false negatives and allow attacks to slip passed unchallenged and unnoticed.

Benefits of leveraging Fortra Managed WAF for AWS Workloads:

  • Eliminate the complexity of managing your web applications
  • Protect your AWS hosted applications, with support for EC2, ECS, Lambda and more.
  • Enables you to more effectively block attacks targeted at your web applications and APIs with advanced threat protection
  • Continuous optimization by and insights from dedicated web security experts

Your demo will include:

  • Discussion of your organization’s current AWS hosted web app and API challenges
  • An overview of Fortra Managed WAF’s core features including DDoS mitigation, BOT protection, auto-scaling and fully managed capabilities
  • Explore how our web security experts optimize the WAF security profile to fit your requirements to remove false positives and leverage threat intelligence to create forward thinking policies that block known and unknown threats.
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