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Achieve Security and Compliance with ANS Group

ANS Group is the UK’s leading cloud services provider. Committed to helping organisations become cloud enabled through cloud ready networks and platforms, ANS boasts a mainly technical staff to manage customer infrastructure 24x7x365, so customers can focus on their core strategic business and leave IT to the pros. Recognition of the refined cloud services ANS offers is evident in the high-tier partnership classifications it has established with the leaders in cloud IaaS, AWS (Advanced Consulting) and Microsoft Azure (Gold Cloud Competency).

ANS partners with Alert Logic to extend its cloud managed services and incorporate full stack security, capable of securing its customers’ digital transformation, whether that is a complete migration to a public cloud platform, or a progressive migration with a hybrid outcome.


ANS Group Solutions Advisor at Alert Logic

Business Sectors

ANS’ business is split between the commercial enterprise and the public sector, organisations who expect 100% uptime, fast operations, and top-quality service management; promises it can deliver on.

Commercial Enterprise

The enterprise’s uptake in cloud technology has been progressive; question marks remain over the security of “the cloud” but the sheer speed, scalability, and agility of cloud can no longer be shunned by the enterprise, who are gradually migrating business applications that can thrive in the cloud.

For such projects, enterprises are choosing ANS for its consistent proven ability to digitally transform organisations of all sizes and verticals successfully and securely working with Alert Logic.

Public Sector

For many, the initial touchpoint of the average public sector organisation today is online; a strong user experience is key and such organisations are looking at the cloud as means to improve their digital platform. However, complexity exists with utilising cloud services effectively, meaning organisations who aren’t specialists with regards to cloud services often struggle to attain the benefits associated with cloud.

ANS Group specialises in taking these problems, finding a best-fit solution and managing the end result in-house. Working with Alert Logic, ANS Group delivers a swift, optimised and secure digital transformation to the public sector utilising the G-Cloud framework.

Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

Cloud security is a two-way street, IaaS providers ensure the security of their foundational services like databases, storage, and compute locked down, but the customer is responsible for securing everything built from the hypervisor-up, including web applications. Web applications are today’s most targeted threat vector; to appropriately secure them, cloud users must adhere to the heavy-lifting security responsibilities articulated in the shared responsibility model. See how ANS and Alert Logic combine to tackle the internal challenges associated with cloud security responsibilities below.

ANS Shared Responsibility Slide

Cloud Security Services

ANS and Alert Logic combine cloud technologies and security operations teams to offer Cloud Defender, a fully managed Security-as-a-Service solution that provides full stack security across public, private, multi, and hybrid cloud environments 24x7x365. With Cloud Defender, customers receive the following services, implemented and fully managed from the Alert Logic and ANS SOC’s.

  • Network Threat Detection: : Intrusion detection that monitors & analyses internal and external network traffic for malicious activity or policy violations.
  • Vulnerability Management: Scans customer environments for vulnerabilities.
  • Log Management : Collects, normalizes, and aggregate logs from networks, systems and, applications to provide additional insight into attacks or security events, whilst meeting compliance standards with daily log reviews on the customer’s behalf.
  • Web Application Firewall: Guards against emerging threats such as the OWASP Top 10, and immediately fulfils the PCI 6.6 compliance requirement.
  • Configuration Management (AWS Only) Automated asset discovery provides complete visibility of the customers’ IT estate, allowing ANS security operations staff to go in and eradicate outlying vulnerabilities.

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