One of the key benefits of the partnership is the agility of the Alert Logic service, whether it is an on-premises deployment, cloud integrated deployment or a hybrid, and the rate at that can be executed.

Seamus Macloughlin, Group Head of Information Security

Connect Group PLC is a specialist distribution company. Their vision is to be the leading supply chain, trading, and distribution specialist in their chosen industry sectors. The company delivers logistics services to suppliers and customers in the UK and across the globe. Connect Group employs 6,700 people and has a combined revenue of £1.9 billion. Connect Group’s primarily business segment is in the B2B space within retail and distribution, but have recently expanded their offerings to direct-to-consumer.

The Challenge

Seamus Macloughlin, Group Head of Security, stressed, “Detecting and being able to respond to events when they do occur, in a timely manner, is absolutely essential to an organization.” While Macloughlin and his team understand how important security is, they also recognize the time, money, human resources, and effort that go into managing an internal SOC. For that reason, they looked for an outsider vendor, and found Alert Logic. 

It was about finding the right partner as long as we can meet in the middle.

Seamus Macloughlin, Group Head of Information Security

Why Alert Logic?

Macloughlin stated, “There is a realization across the whole industry that protection is not the silver bullet.” Alert Logic offered a comprehensive security solution backed by security experts to protect, monitor, and detect threats in their environment as well as scale to emerging business opportunities. The biggest value Macloughlin saw was that Alert Logic worked as an extension of his team, adding that the company gained “Internal group [security] capabilities but with a center of excellence in terms of Alert Logic as a partner.”

The Results

Since the beginning, Macloughlin has been pleased with the Alert Logic partnership. He found that Alert Logic’s speed and agility allows his team to seek out new business ventures and quickly build in the proper security measures.

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