It’s the threat intelligence and security analysts at Alert Logic who provide the knowledge I need to get, and stay informed.

Adrian Hodgkinson, Head of IT

The Exeter serves more than 70,000 customers across the UK and worldwide with healthcare and income protection insurance. Selling exclusively through financial advisers, The Exeter has grown to become a multi-award winning insurance provider; but with growing at a rapid pace, they needed a security solution to meet their needs of today and one which scales for the future.

The Challenge

As their customer base grows and evolves, client transactions are evolving as well. So beyond quotes and price comparisons, The Exeter customers are continually getting more information on their health insurance policies and health services overall. With this evolution, moving to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) infrastructure was the perfect next step. Implementing the disciplines of ITIL was a must, and ensuring they have continuous protection over all the sensitive data they have in their AWS environment was critical to achieving security certifications and accreditations, including ISO 27001.

Protecting their data in AWS was the most challenging part of the security equation. “We needed a partner who could provide SecOps (Security Operations) within AWS for our organization 24/7. So we had to have someone handle our threat management, digest our logs and notify us whenever there are potential attacks underway, where we can take the necessary actions needed to thwart a breach,” stated Adrian Hodgkinson, Head of IT for The Exeter.

“The proactive threat management and correlated data set from Alert Logic® was exactly what we were looking for to truly secure our environment in real-time. The things which are believed to be important are escalated up and escalated so those decisions can be made. And it’s the people of Alert Logic who provide the knowledge I need to get and stay informed.

Adrian Hodgkinson, Head of IT

Why Alert Logic?

The Exeter recognized the value the people of Alert Logic bring to the table in managing their environment. This was a clear differentiator for Hodgkinson and it helped him decide to choose Alert Logic.

The Results

Alert Logic provides the continuous monitoring by identifying suspicious network traffic, scanning for vulnerabilities, uncovering indicators of compromise, and detecting threats targeting web applications.

With Alert Logic®, The Exeter team has been able to expand its services to respond to customer demands, offering mobile applications for people seeking new insurance products and processing customer inquiries more quickly. “By using Alert Logic® and AWS, we’ve been able to turn technology into an enabler of innovation for our business,” Hodgkinson says.

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