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Secureworks Competitors: Fortra’s Alert Logic vs. Secureworks

Threat prevention, detection, and response can make or break your digital security. Searching for a vulnerability management upgrade? Two options — extended detection and response (XDR) and managed detection and response (MDR) — may end up as your top two choices for your next investment.

You’ve got a lot of research to do. Fortra’s Alert Logic provides round-the-clock, managed security services for any organization, using unmatched human-led support. Our customers benefit from comparisons between XDR and MDR solutions such as Secureworks. Let’s see what might be best for you.

Feature-by-feature comparison

Key Considerations Alert Logic Logo Secureworks Logo
Owned IP Tech Stack
Single pane of glass view (threats, risks, vulnerabilities, incidents)
15-minute SLA
Approved PCI Vendor
White Glove Customer Experience
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Why Customers Choose…


Ongoing Threat Intelligence

Secureworks Taegis™ Managed XDR is a fully managed cybersecurity solution that combines an open, powerful platform with extensive security expertise for 24/7 protection. A specialized Counter Threat Unit watches over your system for malicious cyber activity. It scans for hundreds of known threat groups and updates security alerts based on the latest research.

Cross-platform Correlation

Secureworks is one of countless XDR and MDR competitors that integrates data from applications, endpoints, emails, and network nodes. This provides a broad view of your attack surface. Therefore, you get a decent perspective on your threat detection and incident response.

Hybrid Integration

Whether you choose an MDR or XDR platform, Secureworks allows you to tweak packages on the cloud, at your premises, or in hybrid environments. You can shape security around your business instead of leaving gaps in complex system architecture.

Critical Priority Logs

To help with compliance and triaging, Secureworks logs every incident as it arises, showing you a threat’s severity and how far it may have spread in your network.

Alert Logic

A Simple, Collaborative Dashboard

Although Alert Logic has many advanced security capabilities such as blocking attacks, isolating hosts, and protecting container operating systems, you’ll never be overwhelmed by alerts or mitigation suggestions. They’re all laid out in a single source of truth — our platform dashboard. Secureworks, by comparison, is harder to understand and act on.

Certified Scanning Commitments

A PCI-approved security vendor must run two kinds of security scans (external and internal) at least every three months. Secureworks can’t provide the same commitment. These scans help our team guard your organization and our own with more certainty.

Rapid Responses

Within just 15 minutes, a security expert will contact you if there are major cyber threats or the risk of a data breach. Alert Logic pairs machine intelligence with a figure you’ll come to recognize and trust. However, we can also liaise with your existing IT professionals as far as you want us to — it’s a customized level of support.

Tailored Threat Detection

Secureworks is a competitor that carries the risk of false positives: alerts that don’t account for how users and applications interact with your business, occasionally mistaking safe behavior for malicious activity. This means there are some constraints on reliable threat intelligence. By comparison, Alert Logic learns exactly how your system operates, improving threat detection with every scan and resolution.

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Alert Logic At-A-Glance

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What You Can Expect from Our MDR Solution:

  • An award-winning security platform for risk consulting and 24/7, white-glove support.
  • Total cloud security for our customers that includes container IDs and web application firewalls (WAFs).
  • Unparalleled threat research that reduces dwell time and prevents attacks altogether.
  • Insights from over 4,000 customers generating more than 60 billion log messages every day.
  • Simple pricing with a lower total cost than assembling and handling security operations on your own.

Questions to ask for ironclad hybrid security

It can be difficult to know exactly what information you need to gather when researching the MDR solutions market and making a purchasing decision. The following questions can serve as a guide to help get you started:

How comprehensive is your coverage of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud?

Alert Logic is a pioneering cloud security platform. Ingress, egress, and lateral network traffic are analyzed across your entire technology stack, from Azure and AWS through to Docker, Kubernetes, and many more integrations. We’re also a certified Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) provider, adhering to best practices to deal with the modern threat landscape as it changes. Learn more >

How does Secureworks' SLA compare to Alert Logic's?

Our 15-minute SLA commitments are unique. Although Secureworks offers live-chat support, it doesn’t give you direct, personal contact with a named security agent for every incident worth your attention.

What visibility do they have into container traffic?

Alert Logic provides the industry's only network intrusion detection solution and log management for containers. We detect threats to containers running on AWS, Azure, and on-premises deployed Docker, AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), Kubernetes, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and CoreOS. Learn more >

How complex is your log management?

As a Secureworks competitor, Alert Logic strives to provide better service by simplifying an incredible volume of log data from hundreds of sources in your digital environment. Our massive processing grid searches logs consistently without generating complex queries or reports. You have the evidence trail you need, when you need it, clearer than ever.

How does Secureworks pricing compare to Alert Logic's?

As an Alert Logic customer, you’re our partner in cybersecurity. Escalations are part of the process, so you won’t pay per escalation. Ultimately, you pay for only the number of nodes or websites you must protect. For more details, request a customized quote

Secureworks charges you based on the amount of employees within your organization. This works out as an annual subscription, which doesn’t account for evolving security requirements beyond new endpoints and devices.


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“We would have needed multiple vendors on board to be able to do what we are doing with just Alert Logic. I would recommend Alert Logic, hands down.”

Lee Ramsey

Co-Founder of Pre-Fi

“Literally within 15 minutes, our Alert Logic SOC analyst called us to make us aware of some security threats and vulnerabilities that they detected right away.”

Edward Merrett

Security Operations and Incident Response Manager

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