Threat Monitoring, Detection & Response Report

Threat Monitoring, Detection & Response Report

Information security teams worldwide are increasingly concerned about the rapid growth of cyber threats. This report is the result of comprehensive research in cooperation with the 370,000 member Information Security Community on LinkedIn in partnership with Crowd Research Partners to explore the perspectives of cybersecurity professionals on several important threat lifecycle topics.

The survey uncovered key findings such as:

  • Dealing with advanced threats is the most significant concern for cybersecurity professionals: ransomware (48%), phishing attacks (48%) and attendant data loss (47%). The level of concern with these threat categories has grown significantly over the past 6 months.
  • Respondents highlighted notable challenges in responding to advanced threats – the most significant being the ability to detect threats (65%). Interestingly, survey participants also noted concern with the lack of advanced security staff (41%) and slow speed of response (23%).
  • Lack of budget (51%), lack of skilled personnel (49%), and lack of security awareness (49%) weighed in as the most significant obstacles facing security teams.
  • A large proportion of organizations use threat intelligence platforms – with 47% claiming the use of open source threat intelligence and 37% using a range of commercial vendors. 49% of respondents claim that the use of threat intelligence platforms had a positive impact on reducing data breaches.
  • Insider threats continue to be a growing concern (54% perceived growth in these threats over the past year) with inadvertent breaches (61%) identified as the leading cause. User training was identified by 57% of respondents as their leading method for combating such threats.

Download this report to gain more insight into the latest security threats faced by organizations and the threat monitoring solutions to detect, remediate and prevent them.

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