Beyond AV: Adding Protection for Fileless Techniques

Over 90% of breaches begin with a compromise initiated by an end user. Hear how our extended endpoint protection solution can add additional protection against fileless techniques.

Over 90% of breaches1 begin with a compromise initiated by an end user. And, IT teams spend significant time chasing false positives and negatives with over 55% of alerts2 resulting in false-positives.

One recent survey2 uncovered that 62% of attacks in 2019 would be file-based while 38% would be fileless attacks. Alert logic understands the need for an endpoint solution that isn’t reliant on signatures as they do not scale with the current threat surface today and tomorrow.

In this webinar we will share how Alert Logic Essentials extended endpoint protection uniquely addresses these challenges and walk through some of the product features.

Alert Logic’s endpoint protection intelligently blocks attacks through a combination of machine-learning attribute analysis and real-time behavior analysis and provides deep CPU-level visibility without impacting performance.


  • John Pirc, Director, Product Management
  • Kevin Reilly, Principal Implementation Architect

1 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 

2 2018 Ponemon Institute State of Endpoint Security Risk

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