Defending Against Cyber Threats: Hack Attack

Data breaches are now a common global occurrence, causing real economic damage to businesses. Lost revenue, damaged reputations, disrupted operations, and significant costs to recover, cyber attackers are adapting their techniques at a much faster pace than most businesses. These once less sophisticated cybercriminals now have easier access to automated exploits that were previously only available to highly skilled nation-state actors.

Unfortunately protecting an organization against a cyber threat becomes impossible if you don’t know that the threat exists. So how do you protect your organizations against known and unknown threats? Security is constantly changing. To stay ahead of cyber threats, you need to leverage software plus services to augment your security team and capabilities.

Join this webinar to hear about emerging threats and the current state of web application vulnerabilities. Learn about the most impactful web app attacks as well as remediation strategies. And take away best practices on how to ensure secure continuity in the cloud.

Highlights Include:

  • Cyber Hack Demo
  • Insights from Alert Logic's 2018 Critical Watch Report
  • Understand how today’s vulnerabilities are being exploited
  • Realities for scaling threat detection & response across on-prem to cloud environments

An exciting and very important demonstration for anyone who develops applications, manages websites or is interested in security.

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