Next-Generation SIEM: Delivered from the Cloud

Whether you are evaluating your move to the public cloud or have started the journey and are already hosting DevTest or production workloads, security and compliance should be high on your list of priorities.

Many executives over the years have made the business case to invest in SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technologies to help them centralise, correlate, analyse and remediate security threats from the data and intelligence gathered from across their IT infrastructure.

However, implementing a traditional on-premise SIEM often brings the challenges of a lengthy, complex implementation, costly investment and the need for in-house skilled security analysts to maintain it: which is why the majority of SIEM deployments fail to deliver against expectations.

So what happens now that you have a hybrid or cloud based infrastructure? 

Join James Brown, Director Cloud Computing & Security Architecture, Alert Logic for this live webinar which will outline:

  • Key considerations for investing in a SIEM solution
  • Pros and cons of traditional SIEMs to handle today's hybrid environments
  • Next generation SIEM: the benefits of SIEM delivered as a fully managed service
  • Live Q&A to answer all your SIEM questions

Whether you are looking to invest in a SIEM, extend your SIEM across your cloud infrastructure, or just wanting to understand how to further improve your company's security posture, this webinar will provide valuable insight into the next generation of SIEM technology.

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