How to Protect Your AWS Containers

Join this session to hear how attackers are infiltrating enterprise environments and how you can learn from them. We’ll dive into real case studies and provide actual code samples.

Protect against a wide array of cyberattacks that target your AWS containers with a solution designed for real-time detection of known and unknown exploits for AWS-deployed Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, and Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Container adoption is skyrocketing, growing 40% in the last year. Security concerns are also growing and the top roadblock to container deployment. Steps like process monitoring, vulnerability management, and security configuration management are available to alleviate AWS security concerns. But without the ability to inspect the network traffic that targets containers, security teams continue to struggle. This enables suspicious activity within your container environments to go undetected and leaves you susceptible to a container or base host compromise.

Alert Logic recently announced the industry’s first Network IDS in container security allowing customers to inspect network traffic for malicious activity provide them with faster detection of compromises, and reduced risk of attacks to their cloud workloads on AWS.

Learn more in this impactful webinar as Dan Pitman, Senior Solutions Architect at Alert Logic presents a timeline demonstrating what happens when a container threat is detected, and how Alert Logic prioritise it and proactively escalates it with visual context and remediation advice. Also, Richard Marshall from Wealth Wizards will share the best practices learnt from the past 18 months of working with Kubernetes and Containers.

Highlights include:

  • A snapshot of the differences between Docker and Kubernetes containers
  • What you need to know to stay ahead of attacks on containers
  • Best practices to avoid compromising your containers and base hosts
  • Security hygiene for containers
  • Customer Case study: Life with Kubernetes and containers

Threat Manager For AWS

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