Security: Enabling the Digital Revolution Without Disruption

According to a recent survey of UK senior ITDMs by IDG, over a third of respondents stated that managing security was one of the biggest issues faced when implementing digital transformation.

Date: Wednesday 23rd November  @ 3pm UK Time

Cloud technologies are enabling efficiencies to enhance the relationship businesses have with their customers. But securing cloud infrastructure, and the data that resides on it, is still a major issue. In a recent survey of senior ITDMs by IDG, over a third of respondents stated that security was a major concern.

Cloud requires a different approach to security and traditional tools  are not enough to protect against attacks.

In this webinar you hear Dee Chadha, EMEA Director for Rackspace Manage Security (RMS) Services and Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Technical Director, discuss:

  • Insight into real-life customer use-cases
  • Practical guidance on next steps for securing your digital transformation journey
  • The role security currently plays in digital transformation projects, and how it needs to change
  • Security maturity, and the different ways to approach securing workloads across multiple infrastructures

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