Shrinking Your Attack Surface: Preventing and Containing Multi-Stage Web Attacks

Register for this straightforward session where the co-founder of Alert Logic discusses how to contain the web application attack blast radius.

Is your organization better protected than Equifax or Yahoo, as both were compromised using common web application attack vectors? Web application attacks are by far the largest source of data breaches. And with historically low spending on web application security, more data breaches are expected to come. Now is the time to push for change – and budget -because everyone is paying attention to cyber security again.

Join Misha Govshteyn, co-founder of Alert Logic, as he presents, “Shrinking Your Attack Surface: Preventing and Containing Multi-Stage Web Attacks”.” Learn how companies of all sizes and industries are preventing exploits and containing web attacks that can’t be stopped at the perimeter. Gain a better understanding of what your organization needs for your next layer of defense.

In this webinar, you will get insight on:

  • How Alert Logic’s cloud security solutions prevent and contain the damage from multi-stage web attacks
  • How advanced analytics like machine learning, is put to work for you
  • Key buying criteria for cloud workload and web application security solutions


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