Stories from the SOC - Threat hunting a Citrix vulnerability

This series of short webinars gives an insight into the inner workings of the Alert Logic security operations centre, hear about a variety of real-world incidents the experts in our SOC deal with daily.

This webinar focuses on Alert Logic’s manual threat hunting activities using the example of a Citrix RCE vulnerability (CVE-2019-19781) which, at the time, was an emerging threat with no proof of concept (PoC), indicators of compromise (IoC) or indicators of attack (IoA) publicly available. We’ll discuss how our Threat Researchers and SOC analysts worked together to identify these new exploits, and how we were able to then identify and notify the rest of our customer base who displayed similar signs of vulnerability, before being targeted.

You’ll hear:

  • Real-world experiences and techniques used to defend against attempted attacks and breaches
  • Strategies to help you proactively identify and address high risk areas
  • The critical role a SOC plays in a 24/7 defensive cybersecurity strategy

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