The Realities of Security in the Cloud

Considering moving to the cloud or already there and considering the best ways for how to secure it? Join this webinar for a panel discussion on what you as a customer are on the hook for when it comes to security in the cloud, how do you go about selecting a public cloud provider and what factors should be considered? Alert Logic's experts will be joined by guests as we dive into these questions and many more.

After years of FUD around cloud and security, we have now got beyond people insisting the cloud could 'never be secure'; major companies are moving secure and compliant workloads to the cloud on a daily basis. As threats and attacks evolve, anyone with public facing infrastructure needs to be aware of the threats they are potentially facing - Crime-as-a-service has become a reality.

With the shared security model, applications hosted in the public cloud are your responsibility, and not AWS. The biggest challenge you have is that web applications are also the most targeted from cyber attacks, and you need to ensure that you have a solid security foundation to be able to continuously monitor and protect your workloads from compromise.

In this on-demand webinar, Ian Massingham, AWS Technical Evangelist and James Brown, Alert Logic Director of Cloud Computing and Solutions Architecture will cover:

  • The Shared Security Model: what security you are responsible for to protect your content, applications, systems and network v AWS
  • Live Hack Demo where we will show how web applications are attacked and show the latest tricks attackers are using
  • Best Practices for how to protect your environment from the latest threats
  • Hear how customers are securing their production workloads on AWS including complying with PCI DSS requirements

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