Understanding the Attack Landscape - Your Best Defense in Today’s State of Cyber Security

With smart attackers seeking the weakest spots in network defenses and retooling to understand the changing attack surface - you need to get, and stay, ahead of the game.

As we reflect on the state of security this past year, it’s evident that cybercriminals continue to be successful with a trusted set of techniques proven effective against common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Attackers looking to make a buck prey on businesses of all sizes.

Fortunately, by understanding what the attack landscape looks like, where the next attacks will be coming from, and what your attackers might be after, you can achieve top-strength security. Join this session to hear how attackers are infiltrating enterprise environments and how you can learn from them. We’ll dive into real case studies and provide actual code samples.

We’ll discuss recent breaches and share:

  • An overview of the timeline announcement to public proof-of-concept release
  • Alert Logic’s immediate coverage with generalized web coverage on our threat manager appliances
  • The number of attacks over time
  • Categorizing attacker payloads to define their initial compromise goals and intentions
  • A look at understanding victim targeting
  • Common outcomes in incidents where the attacks were successful

What you’ll take away:

  • An understanding of the critical timing to patch vulnerable systems
  • How Alert Logic’s Security Operations Center SOC with Active Intelligence can carry the load for detection and response
  • Ways to detect common attacker goals and intentions

Join us for these key takeaways and more, as we share critical insights for understanding today’s attack landscape.


  • Matt Downing, Senior Principal Threat Intelligence Researcher, Alert Logic
  • Carlos Castillo, Principal Threat Intelligence Researcher, Alert Logic

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