Your Business Apps Are Under Attack: Are You Really Protected?

Security and innovation are not often mentioned in the same sentence, but with more and more business-critical applications being moved, or built in the cloud, it is essential that security becomes an agile enabler to cloud adoption.

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2017 at

According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report, web application attacks are the leading cause of breaches, more than tripling from 9% to 30% since 2014. And as alarming as that sounds, it makes sense as only 24% of organisations said that their application security is mature with all aspects of security measures covered according to Cybersecurity Trends: 2017 Spotlight Report.

What does this mean for you? If web application attacks are the number one source of data breaches, it means that proper web application security must be your top priority. It also means that it is time to rethink your current security best practices, what tools you choose to employ in the cloud, and how you will incorporate expertise and intel into your security strategy.

Register for this impactful webinar presented by James Brown, Global VP Technical Solutions at Alert Logic who will discuss that when launching an application in the cloud, it’s important to understand the risks you face when you do so without a comprehensive cloud security strategy in place:

  • The value and risk of your business applications
  • The complexities of protecting applications in the cloud
  • The Shared Security Model: What you are responsible for
  • The importance of incorporating security into DevOps workflows
  • Meeting security compliance and what you should know
  • Best practices to protect against the latest threats

This webinar is essential for anyone who wants to understand how to build a plan for security and compliance in the cloud.

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