Hybrid IT Security:
SIEM or Security-as-a-Service

Evaluate What Makes Sense For Your Environment

Why SIEM Solutions Can Fail You in Hybrid IT

Today’s cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever. Modern attackers utilize multi-stage methods to compromise systems in highly complex hybrid IT environments. The success of your cybersecurity effort depends on how various data sources, such as endpoint, network, and system log data is configured, deployed, used and maintained. For most enterprises with more limited resources, SIEM security can either fail to detect the most common and damaging attack vectors, is often too costly to maintain, and takes too long to show value.

Organizations considering a SIEM for security, should examine the following:

  • Total effort and investment required to meet security goals and objectives
  • The staff needed to get strong results and value from a traditional SIEM deployment
  • Efficacy of SIEM – does it provide accurate, actionable and relevant information for your organization?
  • Alignment with today’s cybersecurity attacks and challenges

Read Why SIEMs Can Fail You in Hybrid IT for an in-depth look at how to reduce your attack surface, address the current cybersecurity threat landscape and your alternatives to SIEMs to achieve accurate threat detection.

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