See More Attacks with Greater Accuracy and Lower Noise

Three layers of advanced analytics take suspicious network packets, logs events and web transactions and turn them into actionable information. And you don't have to lift a finger.

Threat Analytics & Logic

Signatures & Rules

Efficiently detects attacks that use known exploits and methods

Threat Analytics & Logic

Anomaly Detection

Flags suspicious behavior from users and applications

Threat Analytics & Logic

Machine Learning

Uniquely suited for detecting multi-stage, multi-vector web application attacks

''Alert Logic provides the perfect mix of artificial intelligence from their product suite and human intelligence from their security operations center to give us fast remediation actions that keep us secure and compliant.''

Threat Analytics & Logic

Identify Specific Threats to Your Web Applications

Detect anomalies in user inputs and application outputs with Layer 7 request and response inspection.

Cloud Defender Layer 7 inspection includes continuously updated signatures and policies to detect and contain web application attacks. And when adversaries don’t follow a known web attack pattern, anomaly detection can sense when something "just doesn’t look right".

Threat Analytics & Logic

Outsmart Cyber Attackers with Machine Learning

Contain multi-stage, multi-vector web application attacks with algorithmic detection.

Our information/ cyber security analysts use machine learning to develop detection algorithms using mathematical patterns found in network data leading up to previous security breaches. The first such algorithm now detects multi-stage, multi-vector SQL injection breaches with only 4% false positives, or 96% true positive accuracy.

Threat Analytics & Logic

Multi-stage web application attacks fly under the radar because smaller events occurring over many days appear as isolated noise

Be Protected Against Current Cyber Threats, Automatically

Receive automatic updates to vulnerability scanning, web attack blocking, and threat detection logic.

Security tools require a significant staff investment to continuously develop, test, and tune signatures and rules. The Alert Logic ActiveWatch service includes subscriptions to continuously updated detection analytics, WAF policies, and vulnerability signatures.

Threat Analytics & Logic

Alert Logic's ActiveWatch managed detection and response service delivers ongoing detection logic, advanced analytics services, and continuous security monitoring via our global SOC.

  • Threat intelligence analysts track and share trends in global cybercriminal operations with firms such as Recorded Futures, CISP, and World Affairs Council and with partners such Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace
  • Security researchers replicate exploits to understand how to better prevent, detect, and remediate them
  • Data scientists develop and train algorithms to detect and contain advanced multi-stage threats
  • Security content developers implement new detection and blocking logic such as signatures and rules
  • GIAC-certified Security Operations Center analysts provide 24x7x365 security monitoring with a 15 minute incident notification SLA

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