Turn Data Into Actionable Insight

Alert Logic ActiveAnalytics, our big data analytics and correlation engine, assesses your data to identify security incidents.


Built for Unlimited Cloud Scale

Alert Logic ActiveAnalytics provides deep insight into your security and compliance posture, and gives you automated access to scenario-based correlation rules. ActiveAnalytics collects cloud security data from a number of sources across your organization’s environment and uses a frequently updated library of correlation rules to identify behavior for security incidents. This saves you the large investment of a standalone SIEM solution and your own security research team.

The ActiveAnalytics platform is designed to:

  • Collect, aggregate, and store your data
  • Identify and interpret behavior through log data analysis
  • Enable security rule correlation, ad hoc searching, and reporting
  • Provide deep insight into your security and compliance posture

How It Works


To make sense of the massive data Alert Logic collects, the ActiveAnalytics engine processes and normalizes it to uncover security incidents. Valid security threats are vetted and escalated for remediation, which prevents an overflow of false positives and keeps our analysts focused on real, actionable incidents.

The ActiveAnalytics platform currently has:

  • 5 petabytes of data under management
  • Over 400 million security events and 50,000 security incidents identified monthly

How Alert Logic Turns Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Step 1: Data Capture
Step 2: Big Data Grid
Step 3: Correlation & Analyitcs
Step 4: 24x7 Security Operations Center Analyst Investigation
Step 5: Escalation & Response
Step 6: Security Actions & Policies

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