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You want visibility and a cloud-based, SaaS monitoring solution that is as agile as you are. With coverage across multiple cloud providers, you can manage your environments the way you want to.
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Improve your security posture with an award-winning platform, 24/7 expert defenders, and cutting-edge threat intelligence. Alert Logic stays on the cutting edge of threat intelligence – so you don’t have to.
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Alert Logic enables the right level of coverage for the right resources. This ensures an optimal cost of SaaS vendor security and compliance (compared to point product providers) with a better solution experience.

The Importance of Monitoring

SaaS Web Applications

Web Application attacks account for over 75% of all security incidents*. According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), there was a 300 percent increase in web app attacks since 2014**. Attackers use new flaws or refine their methods to target your applications. Furthermore, without a threat detection solution, you’re putting your customers at risk.

Alert Logic’s offerings give you access to visibility, threat detection and a web application firewall to watch over your applications—all with the flexibility to get the right coverage across your environments.

*Alert Logic Cloud Security Report 2017
**Verizon DBIR

SaaS Security Monitoring and Threat Analysis

Alert Logic’s managed detection and response (MDR) service provides visibility into your environments, and helps you identify the remediation steps required to eliminate exposures. In addition, you’ll get an intrusion detection system that includes security monitoring and threat analysis from certified security experts that helps you detect threats and eliminate vulnerabilities.

SaaS vendor security screenshot of remediation drill down
SaaS security solution configured and tuned for you by Alert Logic - Screenshot

Configured Web Application Firewall

Alert Logic provides a WAF configured and tuned by Alert Logic AppSec pros to block malicious web traffic and reduce false positives. Our SaaS firewall will protect you from SQL Injection, DoS attacks, URL tampering, cross-site scripting attacks and more.

Threat Risk Index for Your SaaS Applications

Alert Logic provides a Threat Risk Index for your SaaS applications using security intelligence and public vulnerability severity data. Plus, you’ll receive support, triage advice, and remediation guidance based on vulnerability scoring, asset exposure and proximity to the internet, whether an active exploit for the vulnerability is in the wild, and real-world attack potential.

Threat risk index for better SaaS security monitoring

Alert Logic has functioned like an extra IT person that is always there, looking at the log and monitoring traffic.

Patrick Escudero

Director of Technology

We chose Alert Logic because we can be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got experts looking at our network activity 24/7 when we’re not able to do it.

Richard Marshall

Head of Platform

Honestly, the attack wouldn’t have been something that we would have caught without Alert Logic because we didn’t know how to put the patterns together.

Bill Thornton

Vice President

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