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MDR for Web Applications

Complete Protection and Threat Visibility for Web Applications

A Powerful, Effective Approach to Web Application Security

Today, web applications are a crucial component of your business, and a prime customer interaction channel. Unfortunately, web applications are also a top target for attackers, providing them a potential route to your critical assets and data.

With Alert Logic your web applications benefit from continuous attack monitoring and vulnerability scanning, including unlimited public facing web application scans. You are kept informed through real-time access to exposure information and broad reporting.

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Our MDR Solution

For Web Applications

Our MDR Solution

Our MDR Solution

  • Identifies weaknesses in web applications and web platforms
  • Delivers false-positive-free detection through 24/7 Security Operations
  • Provides threat detection for end-to-end encrypted traffic
  • Includes approved PCI scanning for publicly presented applications
  • Provides hassle-free attack blocking through pattern-matching signatures and machine learning
  • Alert Logic stays on the cutting edge of threat intelligence to provide SaaS security you can rely on

Web Application Detection

Web Application Detection


Alert Logic continuously analyzes network and log data, providing visibility into web application attacks, visualizing and reporting on OWASP’s Top 10 threats and exploits targeting known vulnerabilities. Innovative machine-learning log data analysis provides attack visibility, regardless of your chosen encryption methods.

By monitoring the network traffic between your web application and users, the Alert Logic platform can detect a broad range of threats and attacks, and the 24/7 security operations teams will rapidly assess and triage all incidents before escalating to you.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

For high criticality applications, Alert Logic offers a highly versatile, enterprise-level, cloud-ready web application firewall (WAF),​complete with a team of experts to eliminate the complexity for you.

Let Alert Logic worry about the intricacies of WAF management and configuration so your delivery teams can focus on providing the best business value from your web applications.

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