Container security is more important than ever, as container adoption continues to skyrocket. With the increase in container usage comes an increase in container security threats such as access control exploits, container privilege escalations, and malware.

With Fortra’s Alert Logic, you get the industry’s only network intrusion detection solution and log management for containers — with support for AWS, Azure, hybrid, and on-premises environments. Detect and visualize threats in real-time for any workload in any container (Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service, CoreOS, and AWS Fargate). Plus, our security professionals watch over your environment 24/7 – so you’re never on your own.

  • Detect cyberattacks in real-time by analyzing the signature of data packets as they traverse your containerized environments
  • Collect, aggregate, and search container application logs to gain insight into container activity for optimal security and compliance
  • Make your security as portable as your containers across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments
  • Build a better view of security impacts with a container topology visualizing the compromised container and its relationships
  • Get notifications from our security experts when suspicious activity occurs

Container security is available with Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR

Comprehensive solutions for securing containers, now available at the network level

Alert Logic provides a complete view of the security vulnerabilities within your containerized environment by collecting and analyzing network traffic from the base host and the network traffic to, from, and between containers. Know within minutes if exploits are actively targeting your container environment.

Protection Across
Your Entire Container Network

Stop cyberattacks that target your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises hosted containers with detection of known and unknown exploits and container-native vulnerabilities.

Protecting Container Services

Docker & Docker Swarm

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Docker Container Security >



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Fargate Container Security >


Amazon ECS

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AWS Container Security >


AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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Elastic Beanstalk Security >




And Their Hosting Environments



Google Cloud Platform


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Container Security, Simplified

Quickly explore container incidents

The Alert Logic Incident Console makes it easy and intuitive to understand container incidents. Visualize which containers and hosts may be compromised, examine the associated metadata, and explore remediation recommendations.

You can also integrate with the Alert Logic Incident API to support your existing security policies, security tools, and workflow.

Containers Page Log Data

See which containers and hosts are compromised so you can take action

Containers Page Log Data

Simplify container application log management

Easily collect, aggregate, and search container log data

Log management is an important infrastructure management best practice and an essential component of numerous security and compliance regulations. Containers are no exception.

Simplify your container environment by leveraging the same container to collect logs AND analyze network traffic.

Leverage one security platform across multiple environments

If your organization is like most, your environment is a mix of on-premises and one or multiple cloud providers.

With Alert Logic, you can leverage one integrated network security solution to protect all your workloads – in a container or not.

Containers Page Log Data

Go behind the scenes of our global
Security Operations Center (SOC) in this 4-minute video

Container security experts help you every step of the way

The Alert Logic Security Operations Center (SOC) provides 24/7 security monitoring from 150+ SOC and threat intel experts using state-of-the-art technology.

When a container threat is detected, we prioritize it, proactively escalate live notifications of active attacks within 15 minutes, providing visual context, and offering remediation advice – so you’re never on your own. 

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Examples of Container Security

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“Although container technology is relatively new, it’s already a “go to” code deployment strategy for Logicworks. Containers help our customers work smarter, and Logicworks ensures that our customers’ containers run securely and efficiently on AWS. The Alert Logic container security solution gives our customers confidence in the continuous security of their cloud infrastructure.”

Steven Zeller VP

Product Marketing, Logicworks Proud Partner of Alert Logic


“As Accesso continues to focus on our industry-leading technology and security infrastructure, we need to ensure our containerized environment is protected without introducing additional complexity. With Alert Logic, we have extended IDS security monitoring and detection to the container level and have gained more granular visibility into our container environments across multiple cloud platforms. Alert Logic partnered with us to get up and running quickly, and their team of security analysts and consultants proactively escalates incidents so we can prioritize our team’s efforts.”

William DeMar

William DeMar Director, Information Security, Accesso Technology

“Introducing AWS containers with ECS to our organization has allowed us to build and deploy our complex loyalty applications very efficiently, but the underlying security issues involved in new technologies always concerned me. Thankfully, we can rely on Alert Logic to provide deep insights into the security health of our containers, enabling us to spend more time innovating and deploying new features.”

Nick Boccone

VP of Infrastructure and Security, Engage People, Inc.

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