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Threat Detection & Response

The cornerstone of industry-leading XDR and MDR solutions, successfully combining a proven platform, continuously mined and updated intelligence, and expert defenders always ready to identify and respond to attacks.

What is Threat Detection & Response?

Threat detection and response (TDR) focuses on identifying, analyzing, and responding to potential threats to an organization’s environment. Successful threat detection and response strategies are developed and maintained by expert threat researchers and analysts utilizing proven tools and practices that detect and mitigate threats in near real-time. For digitally transformed organizations, threat detection and response mitigate potential attacks and security breaches to ensure your security posture and business’ viability.

With today’s expansive digital landscape, no organization’s security strategy should be without threat detection and response that:

  • Spans the entire attack surface and operates at scale
  • Protects all elements of your business – including containers and apps – with a combination of tools to secure your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environment.
  • Utilizes threat intelligence based on industry data and expert security analyst research, with machine-learning based on data analysis across thousands of customers’ attack surface
  • Provides real-time alerting, incident verification, and remediation guidance from experts available 24/7

Threat Detection & Response Components

A successful threat detection and response solution is not only technology or human based but a blend of both. A highly tuned, expertly designed platform automatically discovers and analyzes your environment and then an expert team advises on the details of a vulnerability and actions to be taken to close any gaps. The work of our threat intelligence community never cease as continuous research must be performed by those who know where to look for valuable insights to potential threats.

At Alert Logic, our TDR service includes:

ISO compliance

Global, 24/7 security operations center

ISO compliance

Threat Detection

GDPR compliance

Security Monitoring

GDPR compliance

Threat Hunting

GDPR compliance

Automated Response

GDPR compliance

Endpoint Protection

Threat Detection & Response
Within our Security Operations Center

At Alert Logic, a commitment to threat intelligence, detection and response has been a foundational element of our organization for more than 20 years. Our highly experienced global security operations center (SOC) takes a holistic approach to blocking every serious attempt to breach a customers’ system. Our approach includes:

  • Collect: We gather vast amounts of raw data from a customer’s entire security stack, including packets, logs, and HTTP/HTTPS traffic.
  • Inspect: We routinely assess this raw data to identify notable observations that could indicate potential security alerts.
  • Analyze: We thoroughly analyze all security alerts to understand their nature and determine if they should be escalated to incident status.
  • Investigate: We investigate all incidents to assess their severity and decide on the necessary actions.
  • Escalate and notify: We classify threats and validate incidents. For high or critical incidents, your security team is contacted within 15 minutes of detection with remediation guidance.

Types of Threat Detection Solutions

Today, organizations have a range of TDR technologies to choose from with each differing in their level of detection and response abilities and environment they can cover. what they provide for detection and response and what they protect.

While EDR, MDR and XDR are the most common types of TDR solutions, other types on the market include:

  • Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)
  • Data Detection and Response (DDR)
  • Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)
  • Network Detection and Response (NDR)
  • Machine Learning Detection and Response (MLDR)

“We saw benefit in Alert Logic the first day we switched on the first appliance and started monitoring. Literally within 15 minutes, our Alert Logic SOC analyst called us to make us aware of some security threats and vulnerabilities that they detected right away.”

Edward Merrett

Security Operations and Incident Response Manager, McArthurGlen

“Knowing that Alert Logic’s SOC is constantly monitoring the security of our systems gives me the peace of mind that I will receive a notification within minutes of anything suspicious happening, giving me the chance to address it and curb potential damages immediately.”

Geoff Forsyth

Chief Information Security Officer, PCI Pal 

“We’ve come to depend on Alert Logic’s timely notification of new threats in the broader internet and how to proactively protect ourselves against them.”

Scott Strait

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, RetireOne

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