Emerging Threat Hunting, combined with detection, is critical to protect your organization


We use threat hunting methods to search through the massive telemetry data sets to identify customers who can be affected by these threats and alert them to vulnerable systems, working with them to stop attacks before they happen.

Alert Logic’s MDR Platform gives our security experts an unparalleled view of attacker behavior across hundreds of thousands of systems, devices and cloud platforms.

A library of thousands of threat hunting feeds are continuously analyzing telemetry from these systems, and are always being updated based on continuous threat research and intelligence gathered from the security community, and industry feeds, allowing us to rapidly identify emerging threats that can affect our customers.

With hundreds of new vulnerabilities discovered every week, the Emerging Threat Hunting capability, combined with detection of well-known and established threats, is critical to protect your organization.

Multiple teams enable Alert Logic to deliver complex threat analysis. Informed by research and intelligence and based on known attack methods compared to unusual activity indicators, experts in our security operations centers work to identify persistent threats.

Network telemetry, logs from security devices, applications and systems are all analyzed using custom methods and purpose-built tools to find indicators that for our hunters follow to identify threats.

From there, they collect more data to rapidly uncover time-sensitive insights about active threats to reduce dwell time and stop attacks before they start.

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