The Security Challenge Can Seem Insurmountable

As the person responsible for security in your organization, it can often feel like you’re on your own. The myriad choices of technology, the confusing lists of threat intelligence feeds, and keeping up with the latest threats can become an insurmountable challenge to overcome, never really knowing if you have the protection you need.

Even with many security service providers, the security platform you depend upon is only aware of your systems. The feeds, content, and analyst’s awareness are limited to generic threat intelligence and tribal knowledge.

It does not need to be that way

With Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response you are part of a community. Our security experts are watching and reacting to observations and security incidents across thousands of customers and many hundreds of thousands of systems that span a diverse range of industries and application types.

Don’t wait until it’s already happened. You do not need to wait for a new attack or breach to hit the headlines to learn about it. Our threat hunters spot attackers experimenting with new techniques against our honeypots and other customer’s systems and rapidly take action.

Join our security community and help us build a stronger immunity from attacks

We develop detection content and methods to help customers minimize the impact of a successful attack. We inform all customers who are vulnerable to minimize the likelihood of the attack being successful in the first place. By leveraging the insight gained from each attempted attack, we provide continuous protection to the rest of our community.

Because of this visibility across our large customer base and thanks to our single, integrated platform, we can respond to emerging threats before they can cause damage to our customers.