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Protecting APIs and Web Apps in the Cloud with Fortra and AWS

Cloud environments, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers a variety of methods to host API and web app workloads. But are you confident that your security strategy fits your cloud adoption strategy?

As internet-facing assets, web applications and APIs are easy targets for adversaries. The explosion of API use has created a new threat vector and 60% of all breaches involve web applications. Being able to identify and block attacks is critical to any security strategy.

Most organizations use a web application firewall (WAF) yet compromise is still rife, suggesting a disconnect between WAF capabilities and WAF management.

Join WAF experts from Fortra’s Alert Logic and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they discuss challenges and solutions that customers face with application security and WAF in the cloud:

  • The role of application security
  • 5 Key WAF management challenges for customers
  • How to evaluate the managed vs DIY WAF approach
  • How an optimized WAF can keep your users, data and network secure

Presented by:

Josh Davies

Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Fortra

Jakob Gercke

WAF Product Manager, Fortra

Travis Niedens

AWS Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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