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Ultimately, our decision was based upon what made the most sense. We chose to reduce the workload on our business by simply reacting to the types of alerting and reports we get from the dedicated 24x7 expert security teams at Alert Logic.

Jonathan Sowler

Chief Technology Officer

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This is an ongoing time-saver and we’ve seen a substantially high ROI since first purchasing the solution in 2009. We strive to work smarter and we’ve found that Alert Logic helps us do that.

Bob Stahr

Director of Information Systems

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Alert Logic solutions are a critical component in our overall security strategy for Methodist Health System. Protecting patient data is our number one priority and Alert Logic helps us do just that.

Wayne Keatts

Director, Enterprise Security & Architecture

Alert Logic maintains a very positive reputation, not only in the Azure community, but in the cloud security services industry as well. And the company’s Log Manager for Microsoft Azure successfully fulfills our compliance requirements with a single security solution that is fully scalable. This makes Alert Logic both a logically and economically sound decision for us.

Jeff Grine

Director, IT

We’re happy to put IT security in the hands of Alert Logic so we can focus on building great products for our clients.

Gautam Lulla

Chief Operating Officer

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We were looking for more than a security product, and only Alert Logic offered the fully managed service that we needed to protect our datacenters.

James Mercer
Director of Information Technology

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We really like the direction in which Alert Logic is going, in terms of providing security and compliance in the cloud.

Praveer Kumar
Co-founder & VP of Engineering & Operations

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We needed our customers to trust us to host their infrastructures. We knew that Alert Logic was developing cloud-based security solutions, and we like that their security-as-a-service structure would allow us to deploy security along with our other services.

Len Buzyna

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It is important to focus on security, but it is impossible for us to handle it entirely in-house while still seeing to other needs. With Alert Logic’s solutions, we are able to offload time-intensive tasks without compromising the security of our sensitive information. That has been invaluable to us as an IT team in a rapidly expanding environment.

Bill McCown
Director of IT

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Our overall goal is to employ both Alert Logic security solutions as the watchdog that sits atop an already-secure network. Placing the responsibility for log management offsite allows our in-house resources to take a successful first step toward reaching that goal.

Joey Rappaport
Director of IT

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Alert Logic’s SaaS delivery model means that I don’t have to manage the infrastructure of the applications in my data centers — which has huge advantages in terms of cost of management and ease of implementation. I also like that since we pay on a month-to-month basis they constantly have to re-earn my business.

Mark Moseley
IT Business Systems Manager

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These days more than ever, we are forced to look at what value a security solution is delivering. The Alert Logic solution provides increased security and improved vulnerability assessment while at the same time delivering cost savings and eliminating the management burden of other solutions.

Doug Dearing
Senior Manager of Technology Operations

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