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Alert Logic MDR + AWS = A Perfect Match

​Using AWS cloud services for your applications and other workloads opens up new agility and economies for your business. To compliment those benefits, you need an equally agile and cloud-ready AWS security services provider.

Alert Logic® Managed Detection and Response is purpose built for the AWS cloud. It runs on AWS and we intimately understand the challenges of running workloads in the cloud, with experience securing AWS customers since the launch of the AWS public cloud in 2006.

Our security services are tightly embedded into the AWS ecosystem. Our technologies deploy seamlessly, and our AWS security platform and experts analyze, assess and address risks, threats, and attacks that can damage our customer’s businesses that depend on AWS.


AWS Shared

Responsibility Model

Understand your role in securing your AWS environments

Security is a shared responsibility. AWS is responsible for the security of the cloud, such as physical security, instance isolation and protection for foundation services. You are responsible for security on the cloud, meaning you must secure your AWS applications and data deployed on AWS. Alert Logic provides the managed intrusion detection, log management, advanced event correlation, and web application protection necessary to help meet your share of security responsibilities for comprehensive security and compliance posture.

AWS Security Assessment
AWS shared security responsibility model

AWS Security Monitoring Simplified

Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response provides a comprehensive approach to security for your AWS workloads, and the AWS ecosystem itself. A combination of managed AWS security services and SaaS-delivered technologies gives you full visibility of risks, and threats to your security to minimize the likelihood of an attack and reduce the impact should the worst happen.

  • Security experts monitor your AWS workloads 24/7 to alert you in the event of an attack.
  • Web Application security benefits from a multi-stage approach to protect your most critical assets
  • Leverage the industry’s first native container security solution for AWS and third-party container solutions
  • Visualize and explore your environment with Native API driven discovery of assets and configurations
  • Rapidly identify priorities, trends and details with dashboards targeting the key areas to improve your security posture and demonstrate those improvements.
  • Gain a wide range of security compliance controls for PCI DSS Compliance, HIPAA, HITECH, SOC 2GDPR, and SOX — including reporting, daily log review, and fully managed and centralized logging

It is important to understand that securing AWS is not limited to protecting servers and applications. The cloud is a system itself and misconfigurations in your AWS account can present risks to your security. With Alert Logic MDR, you get:

  • Insights into potential risks from day one, with continuous vulnerability and configuration scanning
  • Industry-standard AWS CIS Benchmark reports let you immediately see the next best steps to improving your security posture.
  • User behavior anomaly detection (UBAD) detects and alerts on suspicious activity, using machine learning to determine a baseline.

Built for AWS

​Alert Logic protects your Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads by defending your cloud, applications, and infrastructure. With API-driven automation and DevOps templates for AWS, Alert Logic provides agile security services and compliance that scales.

  • Logs are collected directly from AWS for storage and analysis within our managed service, and made available for searching, reporting, and custom correlation.
  • A lightweight agent is deployed to detect a wide array of attack methods for security threats lurking in your network traffic and log data.
  • Alert Logic consumes findings from various AWS security services, including AWS IAM Access Analyzer, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Config, and reports them as remediations and exposures within the Alert Logic console.
  • Leveraging AWS Outposts, run AWS services locally until you’re ready to confidently migrate applications at your own pace, all while maintaining visibility to threats across your entire environment.

Configuration of AWS services, deployment of Alert Logic’s sensors, including deployment of our container agent directly into your container environment, and more are all available via our public GitHub.

AWS security platform


24 / 7 Threat Detection

Our combination of security capabilities and expert enabled SaaS delivered security

Security Operations Experts

Decades of experience in innovating and operating security solutions

Simple, Scalable Pricing

Simple, cost-effective options based on your risk profile

MDR for Web Applications

Complete Protection and Threat Visibility for Web Applications.

MDR for Compliance

Alert Logic helps you reduce your attack surface by finding vulnerabilities and exposures before your adversaries do with cloud native vulnerability and configuration capabilities.

Threat Hunting

By leveraging insights gained from our customers, we are able to provide continuous protection to the rest of our customer community.

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