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Rapid7 Competitors: Fortra’s Alert Logic vs. Rapid7

If you’re looking for comprehensive cloud protection but stretched thin in terms of talent or resources, managed detection and response (MDR) is essential. It’s the most reliable method for tracking every vulnerability and resolving it, as well as reporting for compliance purposes using a remote security team.

However, there’s a lot to compare and contrast when making this investment. Fortra’s Alert Logic is still leading the way for convenient, ironclad security tools. Here’s why we stand out amid other Rapid7 competitors, giving your organization what it needs to thrive in the face of any threat.

Feature-by-feature comparison

Key Considerations Alert Logic Logo Rapid7 Logo
Owned IP Tech Stack
Single pane of glass view (threats, risks, vulnerabilities, incidents)
15-minute SLA
Container Support and/or Coverage
Industry-Leading Service Value
Global 24x7 SOC services

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Why Customers Choose…


Reliable Alerts

False positives fail to consider how users and applications interact with your system, often raising red flags for a threat that doesn’t exist. Rapid7’s external and internal threat intelligence learns how your network functions before cross-examining suspicious behavior. Therefore, it cuts the noise generated by too many alerts, revealing only genuine issues with your cybersecurity.

24/7 Security

Rapid7’s remote security professionals keep an eye on your network, endpoints, and user activity every hour of the day, scanning and tracking risks across your entire digital infrastructure. The platform deploys Rapid7 Nexpose software to show real-time vulnerability assessment for effective remediation. In this way, it allows you to make better security decisions in the cloud and on-premises, tackling risks before they become serious. Round-the-clock protection is a basic hallmark of MDR.

Plug-and-Play Integrations

Whether you’re searching for compatibility with web application firewalls (WAFs), security information and event management (SIEM), or security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) systems, Rapid7 complements your existing network architecture. It’s fairly easy to install, although some problems may occur if several security teams are using the product simultaneously. These issues stem from applications that require their own authentication for access.

Regular Security Testing

Quick, accurate penetration tests reveal any weaknesses in your cybersecurity, so that you can make moves to cover an asset vulnerability in advance. Rapid7 schedules risk reports for your security team whenever they need them. Like Alert Logic, it breaks down the details for the right people at the right time, and each vulnerability has accompanying remediation guidance.

Alert Logic

Simple Dashboard Views

Alert Logic’s intelligent threat detection comes together in one clear, accessible dashboard. Unlike Rapid7, which can overwhelm users with information, our platform boils data down to custom views for rapid insight and response. You have a single location in which to rank priorities, act on them, and trace the incident through your network. This saves more time and alleviates pressure when you’re relying on multiple security professionals.

15-minute SLA Responses

Our service gives intelligent technology a human touch that helps you stay on top of a threat as soon as it arises. You’ll have a named security expert and data analyst who form a team dedicated to your account. Within 15 minutes, we’ll be in touch to walk you through the most effective measures for countering cyber threats and saving your system from being compromised.

Total Protection for Custom Applications

Container support defends anything you build, test, and launch on the cloud, streamlining cybersecurity on new attack surfaces. It blocks unwanted communications while helping software packages run as intended without interruption. As Rapid7 competitors, we’re proud to offer this additional type of protection, because it’s molded to your business when you’re developing tools that no one else has.

MDR for Any Environment

Alert Logic has the widest array of integrations for cloud, hybrid, and on-prem architecture, expanding your security further than ever before. Whether you’re trying to scan cyber threats in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, managed firewalls, or a mixture of remote and physical databases, we have you covered. Tailored configurations ensure you’re never in the dark, no matter where your network extends to.

Unrivaled Security for Your Cloud Journey


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Alert Logic At-A-Glance

Cybersecurity Made Easy

What You Can Expect from Our MDR Solution:

  • Managed threat detection that delivers the visibility and outcomes your organization demands.
  • An award-winning platform manned by expert defenders, working 24/7 and providing peerless remediation advice.
  • Flexible coverage that scales alongside your organization for optimal vulnerability management.
  • Simple pricing with a lower total cost than assembling and handling security operations on your own.

Questions you should ask before choosing a security provider

It can be difficult to know exactly what information you need to gather when researching the MDR solutions market and making a purchasing decision. The following questions can serve as a guide to help get you started:

How much experience does Rapid7 have delivering MDR rather than just a SaaS offering?

Rapid7’s flagship product, InsightIDR, was a leader in extended detection and response (XDR), which places advanced scanning and threat intelligence in your hands. However, it took much longer for the company to craft an MDR solution that oversees every scan, triage, remediation plan, and compliance adherence on your behalf.

By comparison, Alert Logic has been 100% focused on protecting customers from cybersecurity threats since 2002. The Alert Logic Security Operations Centers (SOC) are based in North America and Europe, operating 24/7 and fully staffed with more than 150 analysts that have seen it all. With over 200,000 threat investigations to date, our team understands cybersecurity, cloud security, and other critical technologies across a broad range of businesses and security contexts.

How does Rapid7 pricing compare to Alert Logic?

As an Alert Logic customer, you’re our partner in cybersecurity. Escalations are part of the process, so you won’t pay per escalation. Ultimately, you only pay for the number of nodes or websites you must protect. For more details, request a customized quote.

Rapid7, on the other hand, charges for a much more complicated list of defenses and add ons. Pricing is also affected by the value of your assets. Representative costs, for example, only apply to a company with assets worth over $250,000. There’s less transparency from the outset.

How does Alert Logic's customer base help protect me if their underlying platform is a managed SIEM?

Alert Logic was purpose-built to leverage insights from across our customers to create a community defense, delivering additional layers of protection. It tracks new vulnerabilities, emerging threats, and new exploits. Our proprietary MDR platform brings together this information about threat data, scanning, research, and attack behavior from hundreds of thousands of systems and efficiently analyzes it to identify threats and provide remediation guidance.

While standalone SIEM products take time to “train” before providing insights, you have the wisdom and knowledge gained from more than 4,000 customers as soon as we deploy your cloud infrastructure.

Does Alert Logic's threat research data really help me?

It truly does. Alert Logic utilizes an army of researchers, data scientists, and developers who sit atop a uniquely large, deep, clean set of network, log, and HTTP session data (more than 30 petabytes in total). This information is continuously collected from cloud and on-premises data centers and thousands of companies worldwide. With Alert Logic, proactive threat hunting is standard and ongoing. Our white-glove experience, therefore, gives you stronger defenses as well as a human point of contact in any scenario.


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“We would have needed multiple vendors on board to be able to do what we are doing with just Alert Logic. I would recommend Alert Logic, hands down.”

Lee Ramsey

Co-Founder of Pre-Fi

“Literally within 15 minutes, our Alert Logic SOC analyst called us to make us aware of some security threats and vulnerabilities that they detected right away.”

Edward Merrett

Security Operations and Incident Response Manager

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