Vulnerability Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

Identify Threats, Find and Fix Vulnerabilities, and Visualize Improvement Over Time

Our network vulnerability scanner is a fundamental building block of the Alert Logic MDR platform because you can’t protect what you can’t see.

We help you to:

  • Track additions, moves, and deletions in your environments
  • Identify gaps in network and service layers that could lead to a compromise
  • Get remediating and mitigating guidance so you know what steps to take to eliminate your exposure

Network Vulnerability
Management Tool

Reduce Your Attack Surface by Quickly Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities

Alert Logic gives you a quick way to discover and visualize weaknesses in your deployed assets with regular automated network vulnerability scanning and health monitoring.

  • Identify 91,000+ Network Security vulnerabilities and 8,600+ software configuration issues in all your environments
  • Identify internet-facing vulnerabilities in web applications
  • See detailed OS, port configs, services, and certificates for each asset
  • Identify OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities in custom-built or commercial apps with PCI ASV-level vulnerability scanning service
  • Get a complete list of missing security patches, unauthorized applications, and risky network configurations
  • Detect vulnerabilities missed by agent-based scanners with virtual vulnerability scanner appliances that scan anything with an IP address
managed vulnerability services screenshot
Drill down for a clear understanding of your security posture.
network vulnerability management screenshot
Get an accurate and up-to-date view of all your assets.

Visualize All of Your Assets

Alert Logic helps you proactively stay ahead of threats with a fast and easy vulnerability assessment process that is managed for you on a recurring basis.

  • Discover and visualize your assets based on recurring discovery processes across on-premises installations, hosted environments, public clouds, and container infrastructures
  • Refresh anytime for a current view of your environment, and pivot to see vulnerabilities by AMI, IP, Instance ID/type, Availability Zone, tags or keyword
  • Maintain your security with simple, clear remediation guidance from our expert security team 

Find and Fix Misconfigurations Faster

Misconfiguration of cloud platforms is the number one threat to cloud security according to the 2018 Cloud Security Spotlight. Alert Logic helps you address this network security challenge with continuous managed vulnerability monitoring services and assessments of your AWS-hosted environments.

  • Agentless, API-driven technology launches in minutes – no security experience required
  • No overhead added to your cloud environment
  • No-touch automation through AWS APIs and services including CloudTrail and GuardDuty
  • REST API Integration with your DevOps toolchain for continuous integration/continuous deployment(CI/CD)
vulnerability scanning service screenshot
Prioritize remediations based on criticality and quantity of vulnerabilities.

“One of the biggest headaches I have with a regular vulnerability scanning tool is that it will spit out a list of IP addresses with vulnerabilities, but it is sometimes really a struggle to identify a vulnerability within my environment, let alone identify what subnet it’s on, what business process it’s related to. This tool makes remediation much easier than practically any other vulnerability management tool I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty clear that the people who have designed this have done vulnerability scanning for a living.”

Todd Thomas

Information Security Professional at JM Family

Vulnerability Management Capabilities by Alert Logic

Alert Logic Essentials

Gain visibility into your environments and easily identify the remediation steps required to eliminate exposure across any platform with Alert Logic Essentials.

Alert Logic Professional

Reduce network security vulnerabilities and receive verified security incidents without having to hire your own security experts to investigate alerts, remove noise, analyze and prioritize threats.

Alert Logic Enterprise

Alert Logic Enterprise adds the defense capabilities of a leading Web Application Firewall plus the option of advanced defender capabilities to protect your business assets across any platform.

AWS competency logo

AWS Security Competency Solutions status

Recognizes Alert Logic’s technical strength and proven success helping companies assess AWS configuration exposures, identify software vulnerabilities, and gain actionable, prioritized remediating and mitigating guidance.

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Alert Logic Certified for CIS® AWS Foundations Benchmark

Alert Logic customers can secure their AWS cloud environment faster by using vulnerability assessment against the AWS CIS Foundations Benchmark.

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