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Whether your organization was born in the cloud or just starting its digital transformation, Alert Logic’s combination of technologies and services empower you to innovate and grow by focusing on your core business mission, while securely leveraging all the cloud has to offer.

We provide unrivaled expertise and a cloud-based security platform to remove the burden on your team — eliminating the overhead of building an in-house security practice.

Alert Logic’s team of research, analytics, and security operations experts, working in conjunction with purpose-built security analysis and detection technologies, deliver a fully managed service optimized for your cloud workloads.

While the cloud itself is not inherently risky, it’s the area often overlooked from a security perspective that opens organizations up to potential exploitation from cybercriminals.

Today’s cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods to find and infiltrate vulnerable systems. For example, the containers used to host cloud-based servers and databases are susceptible to potential vector attacks, including OS exploits, container breakouts, denial of service, embedded malware, and credential theft that occur when customer-side configurations, access management, and settings aren’t updated on a regular and frequent basis.

Cybercriminals don’t have to work very hard to infiltrate poorly secured cloud systems.

Fortra’s Alert Logic provides a managed solution for cloud security by combining platform, intelligence, and cloud expertise to help organizations protect their cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment. We are a pioneer in protecting the cloud — we do this by leveraging the security frameworks of cloud providers and giving customers a holistic view of the entire attack surface across hybrid environments.

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“Running container deployments without blind spots on AWS is essential to our business, to our client service, and for compliance requirements”
Mike Santimaw

Vice President of Information Security, Innovation Labs & Corporate Solutions, Rent A Center

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