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Alert Logic’s Cloud Leadership

Your cloud journey — simplified

Aligned with Your Cloud Strategy

Whether your organization was born in the cloud or just starting its digital transformation, Alert Logic’s combination of technologies and services empower you to innovate and grow by focusing on your core business mission, while securely leveraging all the cloud has to offer.

We provide unrivaled expertise and a cloud-based security platform to remove the burden on your team — eliminating the overhead of building an in-house security practice.

Alert Logic’s team of research, analytics, and security operations experts, working in conjunction with purpose-built security analysis and detection technologies, deliver a fully managed service optimized for your cloud workloads.

While the cloud itself is not inherently risky, it’s the area often overlooked from a security perspective that opens organizations up to potential exploitation from cybercriminals.

Today’s cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods to find and infiltrate vulnerable systems. For example, the containers used to host cloud-based servers and databases are susceptible to potential vector attacks, including OS exploits, container breakouts, denial of service, embedded malware, and credential theft that occur when customer-side configurations, access management, and settings aren’t updated on a regular and frequent basis.

Cybercriminals don’t have to work very hard to infiltrate poorly secured cloud systems.

Fortra’s Alert Logic provides a managed solution for cloud security by combining platform, intelligence, and cloud expertise to help organizations protect their cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment. We are a pioneer in protecting the cloud — we do this by leveraging the security frameworks of cloud providers and giving customers a holistic view of the entire attack surface across hybrid environments.

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Native Cloud Platform

Cloud Leadership

Scale with Your Business

Integrated Technologies

Comprehensive Threat Detection

Native integrations with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, as well as SaaS applications, feed Alert Logic’s analytics and reporting platform to drive our best-in-class managed detection and response (MDR) service, and unrivaled security value.

Alert Logic provides comprehensive coverage of your critical business systems and hosted applications. Continuous monitoring by our global 24/7 operations teams detects attacks in real-time and empowers you to prevent user error, understand changes as they happen, and benefit from full visibility into your security posture and compliance status.

Threat Hunting

Built & Optimized for the Cloud

Alert Logic’s purpose-built technology is designed and optimized for public cloud environments — enabling IT and security teams to seamlessly operate in their current work environment, including serverless and container workloads.

Our cloud-native, low-impact solutions minimize costs by only using compute resources when essential — responding quickly when needed and scaling down to zero when not. Alert Logic’s security platform also collects and analyzes hundreds of billions of security events and log messages across millions of customer systems every day to provide a community defense to customers of all sizes.


Leading AWS Security Partnership

An AWS Partner since 2011, Alert Logic was one of the first security service providers responsible for protecting AWS customer workloads.

We are a consistent launch partner for new AWS services, working together on the integration of new features into the Alert Logic MDR® service. Our partnership empowers you to maximize AWS capabilities.

Integrated Technologies

Rapid Time to Value

Setup is simplified and accelerated in the cloud with Alert Logic. Leverage native integrations with providers or work with your existing standards to automatically deploy lightweight Alert Logic components. Quickly gain visibility into risk without the usual overhead associated with security technologies.

Effortlessly configure integrations with SaaS applications such as Office 365, identity management providers, and many other solutions to monitor for threats across your entire cloud ecosystem.

Our MDR platform collects and analyzes configurations and behavior across your systems and applications, then presents the information in a cloud-based console using easily accessible dashboards and in-depth reports.

Community Defense

Keeping pace with Digital Transformation

Alert Logic enables your DevOps teams to seamlessly collaborate and perform with cutting-edge transparency. Easily configure integrations with productivity and ITSM tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Service-Now and more.

Design customized playbooks to rapidly react to incidents leveraging Alert Logic’s Intelligent Response. This is enabled by embedded SOAR capabilities that can block attackers, disable suspicious users, and isolate impacted systems.

Community Defense

Cloud Experts at Your Service

Alert Logic has secured cloud environments for more than a decade with an expert team of researchers, threat hunters, and security analysts, all working on your behalf. We vigilantly protect our customers from risks to their cloud workloads, web applications, and sensitive data wherever they reside, all within the same service offering.

Our simple to deploy, complete approach to MDR delivers industry-leading visibility and risk assessment, providing you with actionable information to reduce the likelihood of a breach and quickly respond in the event of a successful attack. All supported by our team of experts, day and night.

“Running container deployments without blind spots on AWS is essential to our business, to our client service, and for compliance requirements”
Mike Santimaw

Vice President of Information Security, Innovation Labs & Corporate Solutions, Rent A Center

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