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Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Alert Logic MDR® gives organizations the tools and expertise to detect, respond to, and eliminate security issues in their systems and networks.

Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges Every Organization Faces

As organizations have increased their adoption and reliance on advanced digital technologies, new cybersecurity challenges have emerged that many organizations have struggled to manage.

Among the top cybersecurity challenges facing organizations today are:

Securing the Cloud
Securing the cloud

While outsourcing critical workloads to the cloud is greatly advantageous, it also creates difficulties with maintaining visibility over security operations and procedures, increasing the chances of a security breach.

Personnel Shortage
Personnel shortage

The growing need for qualified cybersecurity teams has created enormous demand for trained professionals that the labor market has been unable to meet.

Growing Number of Attacks
Growing number of attacks

The rapid transition to hybrid and remote work created a number of new security vulnerabilities, resulting in a significant increase in cyberattacks and higher financial risk for businesses.

Increasing ransomware risk

Ransomware remains one of the top cybersecurity threats for many organizations, as bad actors are continuously evolving their capabilities and devising more sophisticated ways to penetrate host systems and networks.

Increasing Ransomware Risk
Data privacy

Organizations that fail to live up to their customers’ data privacy expectations run the risk of financial loss, reputational damage, and, possibly, business closure.

Data Privacy

With the ever-evolving landscape of laws and standards, policy mapping is extremely difficult without additional staffing and the help of a compliance expert.


The Importance of High-Quality MDR Security Service

As cybersecurity events have risen and cybercriminals have become more successful at exploiting security vulnerabilities, managed detection and response (MDR) solutions have grown in importance. MDR solutions and services enable organizations to outsource their cybersecurity needs to a trusted team of experts and leverage highly advanced platforms to maximize their security posture. Managed security services provide:


24/7 threat monitoring

Behavior analysis

Incident validation

cloud hybrid-new-icon

Log management

And so much more…

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Core Components of Alert Logic’s MDR Solutions

Comprehensive prevention and detection is at the heart of Alert Logic’s MDR solutions. We ensure all services are tailored to meet the specific cybersecurity requirements of your organization, so you’re best equipped to protect your critical systems from risk.

The core components of Alert Logic’s managed security services and solutions include:

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MDR for Any Environment

Easily manage your cloud security posture with MDR solutions that run in all public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.

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MDR for Web Applications

Continuous security monitoring and scanning of your application infrastructure to detect threats in real time and initiate appropriate responses.

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MDR for Compliance

Easily assess and implement security controls while preparing auditing reports fast, ensuring your organization is both audit-ready and compliant with all relevant regulations.

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MDR Solutions and Pricing

Solutions tailored to match the security needs of all assets in your ecosystem, and priced accordingly.

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Alert Logic Eliminates Threats

Both Pre-Breach and Post-Breach

How You Benefit From Our White-Glove MDR Service

Partnering with Alert Logic’s team of security experts ensures that you’re able to keep your enterprise and consumer data safe, maintaining customer relationships and safeguarding your operational resilience.

Here are some of the advantages of using Alert Logic’s MDR service:

Intelligence Driven by Data and Humans

Without accurate, real-time intelligence about the security incidents your organization experiences, it’s difficult to undertake appropriate response actions. Alert Logic’s security experts in our global Security Operations Center (SOC) aggregate information from thousands of customers using telemetry data, industry feeds, continuous research, and machine learning software to provide you with the most advanced threat intelligence. 

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Scalable MDR platform chart showing coverage, platform, and expertise of Alert Logic's solution

Scalable MDR Platform

Our MDR platform and expert services collect network traffic and more than 140 billion log messages every day, giving you outcome-based security coverage against all vulnerabilities and threats. We analyze and provide a curated set of content in a single location, so your organization can easily manage your security posture. Our services cover all your networks, applications, and endpoints, whether they’re in hybrid, on-premises, or cloud environments.


Real Security Experts Attached to Your Account

Technology is an essential part of our MDR solutions, but that’s not all they entail. We assign security experts — real people — to your account to provide individualized and customized incident response plans. We have been training our security experts in the latest cybersecurity best practices since 2002, and we have an expert team with specialties in security, technology, and customer experience.

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MDR threat detection dashboard screenshot

Security Insights at Your Fingertips

Alert Logic’s MDR platform provides a dashboard view of all alert information and analysis provided by our team of security experts. You get access to real-time information on risk, vulnerabilities, investigations, remediation activities, configuration exposures, and compliance status. Easily navigate the dashboard to rank your security threat priorities and focus your time and resources on threats that require more attention. Our dashboards also provide user-friendly visualizations of risk to executive leadership teams.

Protection Tailored to Each Asset in Your Estate

At Alert Logic, we understand that every organization is different — that’s why we tailor our MDR solutions to the specific needs and requirements of your business. Prioritize your assets based on the appropriate level of protection to ensure your enterprise is receiving optimal security coverage and achieving its desired security outcomes.
SOC experts providing MDR solutions to Alert Logic clients

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  • Simple pricing with a lower total cost than assembling and operating on your own

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